We all struggle to sleep from time-to-time, but with these top 12 tips, you’ll be able to trick yourself into a long and happy slumber in no time at all:

1: Curl Your Toes

Relaxing your muscles can really help you sleep. To get yours relaxed, take a deep breath through your nose and squeeze your toes tight. Relax them as you breathe out. Repeat this process going up your body from your calf muscles up to your face, all while continuing to breathe deeply through your nose. By the end you should feel relaxed and sleepy.

2: Talk Yourself Through Your Day

Similar to counting sheep, you can send yourself to sleep by boring yourself through the all the mundane things you’ve done that day. Start from brushing your teeth in the morning and go through every little detail.

12 Ways to Trick Yourself into Sleeping3: Breathe Through Your Left Nostril

It might seem silly, but this yoga method is used to calm and reduce blood pressure. You should lie on your left side and put a finger on your right nostril and take a deep breath.

4: Hum

Another yoga method, humming to yourself can help you calm yourself. It’s important that you lie in a relaxed position and keep your lips closed and try to breathe out while humming. Repeat this five or six times to benefit from the relaxation.

5: Write Down Your Worries

Often what keeps us up at night are all our worries and stresses from the day bouncing about our mind. You can try to combat this by writing these worries down on a list. This will show your mind that you have a ‘to do’ list so you won’t focus on them so much as keep yourself awake.

6: Stay Awake

If you are struggling to sleep, get up! Sitting in bed will just make you stress about not sleeping. Instead do a light activity around the house for 30 minutes before returning to your bed.

7: Don’t Watch the Clock

The worst thing you can do when lying awake is watch your clock – it will only make you stress about how much longer you have to sleep. Instead, turn the clock or phone over and ignore it.

8: Just Breathe!

One of the simplest ways to drift off to sleep is to just breathe – make it slow and deep and you’ll start to slow your heart rate and get your body and mind ready to switch off for the night.

9: Avoid Going to the Bathroom

If you wake up and kind of need to go to the bathroom, then try to resist. The movement coupled with the lights will make your mind feel like its morning and you’ll be unlikely to get back to sleep.

10: Give Yourself a Prod

There’s a point between your eyebrows and above your nose (where there’s a little dip) that will actually help you sleep if you press it for around 20 seconds. Repeat this another two times for it to be effective.

11: Imagine a Happy Place

Much like a prequel to dreaming, try to relax yourself and imagine yourself somewhere safe and happy such as on a quiet beach or in a sunny meadow. Concentrate on making yourself explore this happy place and you’ll block out worrying thoughts that often keep us awake.

12: Roll Your Eyes

When you start your sleeps your eyes begin to roll. By starting this rolling motion you may actually kick start the motion.

Could it be your bed?

You might not need to use all these tricks. It might not all be down to an over active mind. Have you considered that your bed might be partially or entirely at fault? The Sleep Council advise the secret of a good night’s sleep is a comfy bed and mattress. It can be the distinction between a therapeutic and reviving night's sleep and low quality rest that causes tiredness and lethargy. Their research indicates that a poor bed can cost you up to one hour of quality sleep.

You might need a new mattress even if your current one looks fine. Its life is affected by many factors including age, the amount of time it’s used and over all care.

But to help you decide if the time has come to change your bed and mattress, the Sleep Council have come up with a checklist of things to consider.

If you answer three questions yes, you are probably not getting the best quality sleep. If you answer with 5 or more yes’s, we would urge you to visit us at Keymer Road, Burgess Hill, West Sussex, RH15 0AD as it is likely you need a new bed.

  • How old is your bed? Is it seven years old or more?
  • Would you feel uncomfortable showing your bed to others without its bed linen on?
  • Does it squeak and creak when you lie on it?
  • Was your most recent best night’s sleep in another bed?
  • Do you wake up with aches and pains or is your sleep disturbed by them?
  • Do you and your partner tend to roll towards the middle of the bed?
  • Is the bed big enough to give the best possible quality of sleep? Could you do with a new kingsize (150cm) or super kingsize (180cm) bed?
  • Does the mattress sag?
  • Is it uneven and lumpy?
  • If the bed is too small you might consider a larger one. This will undoubtedly improve the quality of your sleep.
  • Is the divan or base uneven or sagging?
  • Are the legs and castors showing signs of wear and tear?

Be honest, how did you fair? If you need help, please contact us. We have a very knowledgeable team waiting to give expert advice.