Christmas is just around the corner, and many of us are starting to think about our shopping.

Of course, the big presents we probably already know what we’re going to get people, but when it comes to stocking fillers, these 10 sleep-themed gifts will help make someone’s Christmas magical:

1: Lush Sleepy Body Lotion

After hitting the headlines over summer after rave reviews from users who said it helped them get an amazing night’s sleep. Lush and its Sleepy lotion is finally back in stock and is the perfect gift for anyone who could do with a better sleep, or, parents who need help getting their young ones to sleep.

2: Earplugs

There is nothing quite like a pair of ear plugs for helping with some of the simplest things that keep us awake. Whether it be a snoring partner or living on a busy street, ear plugs can really help to block out unwanted noises to help you sleep.

10 Stocking Fillers for the Sleep-Deprived3. Duvets

If your duvet has cold spots and the filling is feeling thin, then think about buying a loved one a snuggly new duvet. The Die Zudecke Canadian Snow Goose Down duvet is pure luxury and will ensure a cosy night’s sleep. And if you like the duvet, there’s always matching Canadian Snow Goose down pillows.

4: Anti-Snoring Helpers

Talking of snoring… If your partner snores, it can drive you up the wall, leading to arguments and everyone being over-tired. Instead, try to help your snoring loved one with an anti-snoring device. Items like nose strips and chin straps can all help with snoring, depending on what the underlying cause is.

5: A Body Pillow

True, a body pillow won’t fit in your stocking, and it’s more commonly associated with pregnant woman. But, if you know someone who turns a lot in their sleep, this body pillow could be the key to getting a better sleep.

6: The Clapper

If you’re always arguing with your partner over who needs to put the light off, then a Clapper is the perfect gift. Once installed, you simply have to clap loudly in order to put things like your light out. Of course, it may just lead to arguments over who has to clap.

7: Coffee that Makes Us Sleep

Many of us cannot function until we’ve had our morning coffee. In fact, many of us need numerous coffees during the day to keep us going, but this can interfere with our sleep at night. Counting Sheep Coffee, though, is not only caffeine free, but contains a natural sedative to help us sleep at night.

8: Dream Journal

One of the best things about sleeping isn’t the rest we get, it’s all those fantastic and magical dreams we have. If you know someone that loves their sleep, getting them a sleep journal for Christmas will let them write down their dreams first thing in the morning before they’re forgotten forever.

9: An Old-Fashioned Alarm Clock

Mostly, we all set our alarms on a phone these days, but since phones and the blue light they emit can disrupt our sleep, a proper alarm clock as a stocking filler can help us keep away from the temptation of spending too long on social media when we should be sleeping.

10: An Eye Mask

If know someone who works shifts, or who gets annoyed by the morning sunlight through the window, then an eye mask is a must. Reasonably priced, get one with lavender infusion for an amazing sleeping essential gift.