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Marks Weekly Review Hypnos New Orthocare 12 Divan & MattressNow you may have noticed we’ve had a little break from reviewing the beds on our showroom floor. This is because our showroom models have been replaced by fresh new models.

We have a large range of Hypnos beds and mattresses in our showroom and have replaced the the Orthocare range with the upgraded New Orthocare collection. There’s not much difference in the name but they have slightly altered and increased the fillings. The Orthocare 6, 8 & 10 had a denim layer. This has been changed to an extra layer of wool in the new models, giving them a more luxurious feel and plumped look. The Orthocare 12 had wool, cashmere & latex. The New Orthocare 12 has been given an additional layer of alpaca to give a superior feel of comfort and support.

This week I’ll be reviewing the: Hypnos New Orthocare 12 Mattress.

Firstly, this mattress looks so generously filled it almost looks like it’s going to burst at the seams. Luckily, I know this won’t happened because it’s got hand side stitching but never the less it’s a monster of a mattress.

Hypnos Orthocare 12 Divan BedTo get a true feeling for how this mattress would be for me I would ultimately need my daughter and partner here as 90% of the bed is theirs not mine! This made me think I really do need a bigger bed. Now I did what I usually do when I get into bed adjust my pillows for watching TV. After moving around, I found this mattress was giving me great support in any position I tried, upright, on my side, front and even the one I always end up in, perched on the edge of the mattress. You know the one, where your partner sleeps like a starfish or a child comes visiting in the night. However, with 2 rows of hand side stitching that ensure an edge to edge sleeping surface I wouldn’t feel too hard done by.

The New Orthocare 12 mattress has a 3-zoned pocket Re-active spring system with 12 active turns per spring. I couldn’t really feel the pocketed springs through the luxurious fillings on top. I’m sure the springs were there doing their job by contouring my shape and weight but I couldn’t feel them through the fillings which for someone as boney and slim as me this was great. This is the type of mattress you think you could only find in hotels in London, New York and Paris but no it’s something you could have at home, and the best part is it’s not going to break the bank!

You may be thinking it’s not cheap but when you consider a 150cm / 5’0”) mattress is £999.00. It’s currently on offer as 5’0” for the price of a 4’6”, so if it lasts you the guarantee period of 10 years that’s cost you £8.32 a month. Now if you buy a cheap mattress for £299 every 2 years that £12.45 a month, so it just shows.

We always recommend getting a new base when buying a new mattress mainly because if support goes in an old base it will damaged the new mattress and possibly void its warranty. Not only that divan bases have come a long way since you may have bought one. They are no longer hidden under valances, they are put on show as a proud centre piece of the bedroom. With multiple storage options and over 40 fabrics to choose from, come and see what we can offer you. And if you’re willing to go the whole hog then a matching headboard really finishes off the look of any divan set.

My overall thoughts on this mattress:

One of the best mattresses I think I have ever tried and if I hadn’t bought an 180cm super king size Orthocare 8 mattress six months ago, I’d buy one of these.