Sleepeezee Memory Comfort 800 Divan Bed

Sleepeezee logoWe are pleased to advise our customers that all Sleepeezee beds and mattresses ordered from Big Brand Beds will, with immediate effect, be delivered FREE of charge.

We are continually looking at ways to help our customers and give everyone using and buying from our site the same benefit. Previously your Sleepeezee order had to be over £399 to be delivered free. Now every order is delivered free.

This mean one of the best selling ranges of UK manufactured pocket sprung beds and mattresses has just become a little more affordable.

As a Sleepeezee Product Ambassadors, we have been personally selected and authorised by Sleepeezee. They ensure that we deliver a first class service and a stress-free customer journey along with an easy to use website.

We have a choice of 5 collections along with a range of divan bases.

Backcare Range

Sleepeezee built its reputation on designing and crafting premium quality beds. Using firmer tension, traditional pocketed springs and luxurious natural fillings, the Backcare collection provides a choice of divans and mattresses which deliver the very best support for the back, neck and spine by actively maintaining optimum body posture while you sleep. Each individual pocketed spring contours to your natural weight and shape giving a fantastic level of comfort and support for those who prefer a bed with a firmer feel. Traditionally styled, these beautiful beds include a range of features and finishing touches which enhance their look, comfort and performance, epitomizing the quality, luxury and style that you would expect from Sleepeezee.

Cool Sensations

Cool Sensations Cool Sensations feature integrated Moisture Management technology which helps regulate your body temperature, dissipating moisture and maintaining optimum warmth and comfort while you sleep. The integrated hydrophilic fibres promote body temperature regulation and help to prevent a feeling of heat, moisture or cold, keeping the body at an optimum 37 degrees.

Sleepeezee Memory Comfort 800 Divan BedMemory Comfort

Memory Comfort, the Memory Technology Collection integrates memory foam and coolfibre into a traditional pocketed spring system. Both memory foam and coolfibre are relatively new innovations and have created exciting sleep systems that enhance the level of comfort and wellbeing that you can derive from your bed. Visco-elastic memory foam was originally designed by NASA to protect astronauts against the effects of G-force pressure on the body during space travel. It provides the same relief against pressure points, neck, back and spinal aches when integrated into mattresses. Memory foam responds to your weight and temperature, and both foam and coolfibre mould to your natural shape, gently cradling your body and helping to reduce the amount you toss and turn to promote a more restful sleep. Memory foam is recommended by medical professionals and has revolutionised the modern day sleep support system by working in harmony with traditional systems such as pocketed spring. Sleepeezee Memory Comfort 800 divan & mattress pictured


Natural wool fillings provide warmth, comfort and durability. It is soft and sumptuous with excellent thermal qualities, and a perfect lightweight natural fibre with great resistance to wear and tear. Natural silk is pure and natural with a sensuous feel, coupled with exceptional moisture-absorbing, thermal qualities. It helps to keep you warm in winter and cool in summer for year-round comfort. The deep sumptuous layers of natural fillings work in harmony with the finest, traditional pocketed springs to create a superior level of comfort, support and unrivalled luxury.

Amethyst, Sapphire and Diamond mattresses

The most important aspect of your new bed is the mattress. It makes direct contact with every part of your body while you sleep and must therefore provide a level of support that suits your natural weight, shape and sleeping position. The right mattress will support you perfectly, help to relieve pressure points across your body and promote a healthy, comfortable night’s sleep.

Divan Base Options

Under bed storage Storage space in most people’s bedroom is of prime importance so having additional, concealed storage areas within the base of your bed is convenient, practical and very useful. Our divan bases are available with a wide choice of storage options including 2 drawers at the foot end of the bed, 4 drawers. We also offer an ottoman base which lifts up to provide storage space within the entire area of the divan base. If you don’t want additional storage you can always opt for the non-drawer divan base. The choice is entirely yours. Our Sleepeezee bases are available in Marble, Slate, Charcoal and White.

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