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die-zudecke-canadian-snow-goose-down-quilt-logoWinter is well and truly upon us so now is the time to snuggle up in a cozy new warm quilt as winter is nearly upon us. Enjoy the lightweight warmth of Duck Down and Goose Down or perhaps you like to be snuggled up with a bit of extra weight. In that case our duck feather & down or goose feather & down duvets are for you.

die-zudecke-quilts-and-pillowsWe do not sell cheap quilts. All our natural quilts and tremendous value for money and our prices won’t be beaten. Our top of the range Die Zudecke quilts are filled with snuggly goose down, Canadian White Snow Goose Down and Hungarian White Goose Down. Die Zudecke winter duvets are available in 9 tog, 10.5 tog and 13.5 tog. We will also deliver our natural Die Zudecke quilts to you within 48 hours.

Our Home collection of luxury Surrey Down quilts are an inexpensive range of natural duvets which are also delivered to you within 48 hours. Surrey Downs Home natural quilts are made using only the finest filling. Duck feathers, duck down, duck feather & down, goose feathers, goose down and goose feather & down are used in creating cozy quilts with warmth ratings of 9 tog, 10.5 tog, 12 tog and 13.5 tog.

All our Die Zudecke and Surrey Down quilts come with a co-ordinating range of pillows. For a warm and cozy nights sleep treat yourself to a snuggly, winter quilt today.

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