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Jay-Be Folding Beds

It’s not just gifts that Santa Clause will bring this festive season. The Christmas season also brings lots of family and friends to your home, but what happens when one guest has too much sherry trifle and needs to stay the night? Well before you try and create a makeshift bed on the sofa, have you ever thought about investing in a folding bed? Now we know what you’re thinking, folding beds used to be awful. Not only were you likely to lose a finger assembling one, your guest also ran the risk of being catapulted from their slumber in the middle of the night.

Hypnos Bed Factory Divan Base Production

Our visit to the Hypnos bed and mattress factory at Princes Risborough included a tour of the factory. All the divan bases are made from Scandinavian pine which is carefully checked for knots and defects. Hypnos will not accept a piece of timber that has 2 knots that are a third of the width of it within a 1 metre section. Scandinavnian pine is used as there is a continuous growing season so the timber is not prone to spliting.