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Bizarre Celebrity Sleeping Habits

We may be constantly advised on the importance of purchasing a high quality mattress and ensuring we snuggle up in bed for a good eight hours solidly. However, our infographic shows that some of the most successful people in the world certainly haven’t followed this advice. So, we’ve decided to follow it up by taking a look at some bizarre modern-day celebrity sleeping habits.

Big Brand Beds Winter Sale January 2015 Update

Our Winter Sale is now in full swing. A big thank you to everyone that has shopped with us and helped us enjoy our best ever online sale period. We have had more customers than ever before buying beds and mattresses online from us during the Winter Sale. As in previous Sales, it has been the better end, higher quality beds and mattresses that have been selling best. 

A Look at Modern Sleep Technology Apps

As a nation our sleeping patterns are getting worse and many people put this down to modern technology. We're a generation that loves social media, mobile phones and watching TV shows at our own convenience. This means there's so much that can distract us from a good night's sleep and this really affects the way that we're able to unwind and rest.