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Jual Furnishings Launch New & Exclusive JF700 Lounge Furniture

No one wants to admit it out loud but there’s no denying it – winter is coming. And we all know that winter means Christmas is just around the corner. Think of all the family members that are about to descend on your home! That picky aunt who delights in sneering at your home, the perfect cousin who always wants to outdo you… Actually Christmas is a bit of a pain. Which is why you need to act now and treat your home to a new set of furniture.

Big Brand Beds supports Sleeptember

Sleeptember is a month dedicated to improving the sleep, and therefore health, of people. Did you know that your body needs at least 6 hours of sleep a night in order for it to recharge? If you don’t properly recharge then this will make it harder for your brain to take in new information and learn. Which is not ideal for those at work or in education. Sleeptember seeks to educate people on the importance of a good bed and mattress in order to get yourself a good night’s sleep.

Myers to Launch New my Family of Beds & Mattresses at AIS

Myers are launching a new family of beds at the forth coming AIS bed show in September. The all-encompassing comfort collections have been designed to offer the best looking and best value products on the market. This new myCOMFORT inspired range offers an array of fantastic new mattresses, divans and headboards that will bring a new shade of personality to our showroom floor.