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John Atkinson Blankets & Throws

There are many pleasures in life, but nothing quite hits the mark like snuggling on a sofa with a gorgeous blanket and a cup of steaming hot chocolate while a storm blows outside. Indeed, anything that involves curling up with a blanket is a good point to the day. But it can’t just be any blanket – a cheap, scratchy one isn’t going to make for a good nap in anyone’s book. No, you need a high-quality in order to get the best nap.

Big Brand Beds Burgess Hill Store - Now Open

At long last we are opening the doors to our customers. We’ve had our share of problems with leaks and this has put us back by a month. Although not completely finished to our high standards, the store is now open.

How to Choose the Perfect TV Stand

Okay, so you’ve bought that fabulous 55inch 4K ultra HD television, but where are you going to put it? It’s far too beautiful to be plopped on that old, dusty TV stand that your old stand sat on. No, you’re going to need an awesome new TV stand to match your television. But where do you start on your hunt for the perfect TV stand? Here are our top tips: