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A British summer might seem like a myth to some, but when the sun does finally shine on our usually rainy island, it can bring more problems than happiness. Sure the warm days are great if you’re off work and you can take a day trip to the beach to cool down, however, if you’re stuck at work then the sun can be more annoying than fun.

Worse still, getting to sleep can be a lot harder in the heat. After-all, us Brits are far more used to cold, frosty nights than hot muggy ones. This means that the hot heat can keep us from getting that much-needed 6-8 hours of sleep a night – the only thing worse than going to work when it’s sunny, is going to work when it’s sunny and you’re shattered.

So how do you keep cool on those hot summer nights? Other countries might have fancy air conditioning systems but for Britain, where we only get a few weeks or so of warm weather, there isn’t any real need for that expense. Instead, using just a few simple tips, you can make your room perfectly cool and pleasant even on the warmest night of the year!

FanSort Out Your Bed

The biggest source of discomfort on a warm night is your bed. You’ll feel warm, sticky and you’ll end up spending a large portion of the night tossing and turning.
First things first, you need to sort out your duvet. In winter you might want to snuggle up into a 13 tog duvet, but you’ll need something much cooler to survive the summer. Investing in a seasonal duvet is the perfect way to ensure you have the right duvet all year round. This duvet will come as one big winter duvet that will split into a light summer duvet and a warmer spring/autumn duvet. Our range of Die Zudecke Canadian Snow Goose down duvets are perfect for the job.
In the warmer weather it’s also a good idea to use light-coloured cotton sheets as this material is very breathable and will promote airflow making you feel cooler.

Get Some Cool Air In

The main reason that getting to sleep in heat is hard is because your room is stuffy and there’s no real air flow. To counter this you should make sure you leave a window open all day, not just before you get into your bed. If you get a lot of sunlight into your bedroom window it’s a good idea to keep your curtains shut during the day too as this will keep your room cooler.
At night you can also add a fan to your room, however never point the fan at yourself as you’ll cause yourself chills while you sleep. Instead point your fan at an open window, the cross breeze created will be highly pleasant.

Be Prepared

One of the best ways to ensure that you’ll always stay cool at night is to ensure you’re prepared before you go to bed. For one, you can have a tepid shower before bed. Not only will this cool down your body temperature, it will also wash away any sweat away from the day allowing your skin to breathe.
Another great trick to keep cool is to fill a hot water bottle with cold water and put it in the freezer. You can take this to bed safe in the knowledge that not only will you be kept cool, but all that melted water will be secure in the hot water bottle.