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Clocks ForwardThe clocks going forward come with two main problems.

Firstly, for those of without fancy smartphones, it’s very easy to forget to change our clocks meaning we’re late for work the next day. An excuse that no boss is going to be amused to hear. Then there’s the fact that you have to manually change lots of clocks, which can be especially annoying. Indeed, the car clock and the cooker are likely to be left until the clocks decide to go back.

The second problem is that when the clocks go forward you’re going to lose sleep. May it be just on the night that they changed or for a few nights while your body readjusts – either way it means that your body is going to lose out on much needed sleep.

But all is not lost, you can make some changes now to your sleeping habits in order to make sure you’ve banked enough sleep in time for the clocks going forward:

1: Create a Peaceful Environment

Your bedroom should be a haven which is dedicated to your sleep. Think relaxing bedroom colours like lavender over fiery, bright colours like red. You should also ensure that your bedroom is to the optimal temperature, whether warm or cold, as this will allow you to get to sleep easier.

2: Ditch the Technology

Phones and televisions should be kept far away from the bedroom. Sitting in bed playing on your phone or watching emotion-raising shows will keep you up longer than you want – digging into your well-needed 6-8 hours a night.

3: Read a Book

Studies have shown that reading for as little as 15 minutes before you go to sleep can seriously relax your mind making it much easier for you to drift off at night.

4: Engage in a Pre-Bed Routine

Just like when we were babies, our bodies love to have a routine. By creating your own pre-bedroom routine your body will become accustomed to this and therefore know it’s time to go to sleep. Think relaxing activities like a warm bath or drinking a warm milky drink before bed every night. Remember to always avoid caffeine before bed, though.

5: Make Sure Your Bed is Comfortable

Perhaps the most important way to ensure you get enough sleep is by making sure your bed is comfortable. This means that you should replace your mattress at least every 8-10 years to make sure it is providing your back with adequate support. A newer mattress will give this support and you’ll be a lot comfier too. Big Brand Beds is the perfect place to treat yourself. We are stockists of Hypnos, Myers, Relyon, Sealy, Serene, Silentnight, Slumberland and Staples beds and mattresses.

These 5 tips will ensure you get a great night’s sleep all year round, ensuring your body (and especially your brain) gets the rest it deserves. As the date for the clocks going forward approaches you should think about going to bed around ten minutes earlier than you would normally choose. Think of this as ‘banking’ extra minutes of sleep over the preceding week, then when Sunday comes try to have a nice lie-in – it will do you a world of good! Come Monday morning you’ll feel lovely and fresh, almost as if you never missed that hour! 

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