Silentnight logoWe think that this article has such a powerful message that we have republished it.

In November 2013, one of our leading bed and mattress suppliers, the Silentnight Group, which includes the well known brands of Rest Assured, Sealy and Silentnight has launched a national campaign to expose non compliant and potential death trap mattresses that are being used unwittingly in homes across the country.

Silentnight are supporting the National Bed Federation’s new Code of Practice in requiring the bed industry to clean up its act. They are also actively urging retailers to ensure that any products they sell are fully compliant with the UK Fire Regulations.

To back this up Silentnight produced a video to highlight the importance of buying mattresses and beds that to UK Fire Regulations.

The controlled experiment shows just how quickly a fire can take hold and the deadly consequences. The frightening thing is that in the room with the non compliant mattress it only takes 6 minutes for the room to be completely ablaze. Is there enough time to dial 999 and call the fire service to save your home? Our best guess is emphatically no.

Following Silentnight's initiative BBC 1 programme Fake Britain screened a programme ‘Furniture Inferno’ to warn of and expose the risks of non compliant products

Please watch the video below and then check your mattresses are compliant.