Silentnight logoSilentnight have six major initiatives for the September show.


The re-launch of AIS’s exclusive Sapphire collection with fresh new covers and specifications, whilst remaining targeted at the key price points between £499 and £999 for a double bed. The best selling Geltex range caters for the £1000 + market.


An exclusive 4 bed collection of Miraform mattresses and divan sets, where, for the first time, Silentnight are entering into the premium foam market with a range of comfort levels provided by either Geltex or high density premium memory foam.

National Advertising

The Dreamworld Mirapocket 1200 Moonstone, based around the Which? Award winning mattress specification will carry the exclusive Dreamworld label and feature in a national advertising campaign in the Autumn.


Premier Partnership is a unique opportunity for Big Brand Beds to enter into a scheme with huge benefits to us and our customers. This includes premium in store displays, highest ever levels of support and customer service.


Silentnight have gone into partnership with Hemingway Design to create a stunning range of bedframes for the upper to premium consumer. This range is highly exclusive and is on offer to AIS members as the key High Street independent channel. There are 3 bedframes, the Short, Medium and Tall.

Sale Offers

As always, you can be sure that Silentnight will be offering the best possible values on all their beds and mattresses to give them a distinct advantage in the key retailing period between September and February.

The Sapphire collection of miracoil and mirapocket models will feature the following new beds and mattresses:

Miracoil - 750 Amber, 750 Memory Coral and 750 Ortho Emerald.

Mirapocket – 1000 Memory jade, 1400 Natural Opal, 2800 Latex Pearl and 4000 Natural Quart.

Geltex – 1000 Geltex Ruby, 1400 Geltex Garnet, 2000 Geltex Topaz, 23cm Geltex Energy and 27cm Geltex Energy.

Memory Foam – 23cm Memory React and 27cm Memory React.

With all these great new additions to the range we will have to say goodbye to the Duke 800 Memory, Contessa 2000 natural, Princess 4000 Memory Wool, Florence Ortho Supreme, Countess, Empress and the 4 Geltex Synergy beds. Last orders for these Silentnight models must be on 30th November.

Keep an eye out during October if you want to get yourself a cheap Silentnight bed. We will have a few one only bargains.