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For first time buyers, choosing a bed can be a tricky ordeal. With little experience in what you’re looking for and a tight budget, it can be extremely easy to choose a poor quality mattress or bed as a bargain. But this is something you’ll seriously regret in years to come. A budget mattress will not give you the proper support you need to sleep at night – and these are the years you want to spend getting the best night’s sleep before kids come along. Then there’s the fact that a cheaper mattress is only going to last you a couple of years anyway even with the best of care.

No, when making your first time mattress purchase you need to make a clever investment – but that doesn’t mean you’ll end up bankrupt. The Sealy Riva Ortho Pocket 1400 is a great bed for first time buyers, especially considering how affordable it is.

Sealy-Riva-Ortho-Pocket-1400-Divan-Bed-400The mattress is pocket sprung with 1400 springs (in a king size mattress), which offers exceptional comfort and support. These pockets are zoned which allows a person to straighten their spine and release pressure points as you sleep meaning you get a longer and better quality sleep. A pocket sprung mattress also has the advantage of absorbing movement so if your partner moves a lot in their sleep you’ll be less disturbed.

This mattress isn’t just for support though, the Sealy Riva Ortho Pocket 1400 mattress has a superbly luxurious thick layer of latex covering its pocket springs creating a medium-firm support – perfect for anyone who wants to have both support and comfort. It also makes for an incredibly long-life mattress, which is exactly what first time buyers need in a mattress. After-all, you want to buy a mattress and rely on the knowledge that it can last you for years to come.

Also included in this mattress is a ground breaking new fibre called Tencel which has natural cooling properties. This is especially good in summer as it helps keep your body at an optimal temperature allowing you to sleep more soundly. This fibre also helps to inhibit bacterial growth, which can eventually lead to dust mites or even bed bugs.

Sounds good so far? Well that’s not its only benefits; this bed is also available with in-built storage. You can never really have enough storage in your home but, in particular, when you are in your first home storage is generally at an absolute premium. Any bed that can give you extra storage is a complete life saver.

So what’s the catch? The bed must look awful to have such a luxury mattress at such a great price? Wrong! This divan is also incredibly stylish looking and you can get a stunning, matching headboard separately. The bed comes in a choice of caramel, aubergine, espresso and pewter allowing you to customise your new bed to your own style. Prices start at just £799 for a double bed of this quality.

As a first time bed buyer, the Sealy Riva Ortho Pocket 1400 really is a terrific investment with its all-round support, style and price. With good care this investment will last you for years to come too, meaning you can focus on important things like an amazing lie-in in your brand new bed. 

Price correct at time of publishing but subject to change.