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Sealy UK are excited to introduce their new Posturedic range,their most technically advanced beds and mattresses ever; the result of over four years’ detailed work in the USA that has taken the “science of sleep” to completely new levels.

At the heart of their research they realised that there was a problem with allmattresses that are made today. In simple terms, the more supportive a mattress, the more pressure points are created, yet the more pressure relief offered the less support you get. To eliminate pressure points, you need what the Sealy technical team came to refer to as “push back support” and maximum pressure relief.

It is this unique combination that defines Orthopaedically Correct Design and makes a zonal construction in your mattress vital. Added to this was a very simple and logical observation. Our bodies are not uniform, so why should our mattresses be? What was needed was a completely new sleeping solution that was able to tick all the boxes without compromising any single element. Comfort – Support - Pressure Relief and last but not least…- Temperature control and moisture management.

The new Sealy Posturepedic collection features a revolutionary push-back support system, designed specifically to distribute weight away from the heavier parts of our bodies, relieving pressure where it’s concentrated the most. That translates into whole-body comfort, all night, every night. We call this ‘orthopaedically correct design’. With a new Sealy Posturepedic you are guaranteed the best night’s sleep on the world’s best sleeping solutions.

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