Summer is a distant memory, but so far we have been lucky and had a fairly mild far!

Waking up to snow on the ground in Sussex this morning means winter has arrived in earnest. If you haven’t done so already, now is the right time to plan for the colder nights due during the coming weeks. And we don’t mean leaving the heating on all night. Most people enjoy a better quality of sleep in a cool room, but it’s no fun waking up cold in the middle of the night.


Start by looking at your bedding. If you use a duvet then look for a winter weight with a higher tog value. These days 10.5 tog duvets have increased in popularity as modern homes are so well insulated. However higher togs remain very popular and a 13.5 tog will trap more heat and keep you warmer through the cooler nights.

Alternatively add a summer weight duvet to your existing one to give additional warmth. If it’s natural filling you’re after, look no further than the Die Zudecke Canadian White Snow Goose Down duvets. They come with ties and can be combined to make an all seasons duvet. There’s also a great range of Nimbus natural duvets, which are well worth looking at.


If you use blankets, but don’t want too much extra weight on the bed, try adding a cellular blanket. The John Atkinson Atkincel cellular blanket is idea for use as standalone light weight summer blankets. For those that like to feel tucked up the John Atkinson North Star pure new wool blanket could be the solution.


For a cheaper option, look at a fleecy underblanket which is placed beneath the sheets. A fleeced underblanket naturally retains heat and will keep you cosy all night long.

You don’t have to cold at night, has the bedding to keep you warm and snug throughout the year.