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Steinhoff-UK-Brands-Logo.jpgToday, we have received the following announcement from Steinhoff, the group that own Myers, Slumberland and Staples beds.

"We are continuing to make progress towards our first goal of getting all the outstanding orders that were due to retailers by the 22d August delivered by Friday 12th September. After reviewing the position today it is clear that despite huge efforts from all involved that we will miss that goal and now have to accept that it will take until Wednesday 24th September to complete all the deliveries originally due by the 22nd August.

In the meantime we are working closely with some retailers with difficulties arising from the delayed deliveries to help get their important customer orders out sooner wherever possible.

Tony Bryant advised last week that new order lead times had been moved out to 5 weeks but as a sign of growing confidence in the new system we will be reducing the order lead time on new orders from 5 weeks to 4 weeks on orders placed from Tuesday 16th September. As things continue to settle down we will be looking to reduce the new order lead times back to normal levels in the weeks to come."

The management team at Myers, Slumberland and Staples beds would, once again like to thank everyone for their understanding and patience during what they appreciate has been an extremely difficult time for all our customers.