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Selfridges-delivery-fleet-1910.jpgI’m not sure if Vokins have ever courted celebrity in the way that Harry Selfridge did. To my knowledge we have never paid a star to be present in store, but the list of actors, actresses, footballers, cricketers that have visited the stores as customers or otherwise is enormous.

We did employ Pauline Collins, the star of Shirley Valentine and more recently Quartet to do the voice over’s for a radio advertising campaign. I remember travelling to the studio in London to meet her and how incredibly professional she was, delivering what we wanted almost immediately.

At the time we were promoting Vokins Linens & Beds Supercentres and the ranges of bedding, divan beds, duvets and upholstery that we sold. Pauline Collins voice was very recognisable and we got tremendous feedback from our customers.

Vokins-Carnival-June-24-July-1-1923-blogIn episode 5 we see Mr Selfridge has bought a motor car to put on display in a window. He is incredibly proud of his new toy, but it ends in disaster.

In 1923 William Henry Vokins entered a large float into the Brighton Carnival, which several employees travelled on through Brighton. This was an early example of Vokins using different forms of media to promote the business.

Mr Vokins put a motor car in one of his window displays, but nothing as grand as the Selfridge’s car. It was Mini which one of our customers could win. I can’t remember the exact details of the promotion, but it caused quite a stir and no one drove off in it in a drunken rage!

Nowadays our promotions are very much more merchandise led without the gimmicks. When we promote Die Zudecke Canadian White Snow Goose Down duvets, we don’t put models wrapped in duvets in freezers anymore. We promote the great service and great prices we offer.

The same applies to divan beds, mattresses and bedding. It’s all about the product, the quality, the service and the value.

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