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So you’ve just invested in an amazing mattress in the Big Brand Beds Winter Sale. It’s beautiful, it’s comfortable and (although you’d never admit it) you love it more than a few members of your family too. So why then do we simply chuck some sheets on our wonderful mattresses and hope it looks after itself for the years to come?

If you want to keep it as new and brilliant as the day you bought it then you need to give it some TLC. Indeed, just a few simple mattress chores are more than enough to keep yours looking superb.

Sleepeezee mattressFirst off, it’s imperative that you invest in a good quality mattress protector. A protector is a very simple way to keep your mattress free from stains and odour – this is especially vital for people who drink their morning coffee or tea in their bed. If you spill either of these onto your mattress it will likely stain it whereas a protector can easily be removed and washed. A stained or worn protector is far cheaper and easier to replace than a new mattress will be.

Another way to keep your mattress feeling fresh and new is to ensure you change your sheets regularly. This should be at least once every two weeks and washed on a high heat to get rid of sweat and dead skin cells (which will help keep dust mites away). Sheets that are left too long without being washed can make your mattress dirty too – especially if you don’t have a mattress protector.

Around once a month, you should take the opportunity to give your mattress a quick clean. This involves giving it a light vacuum to remove the dead skin cells that we all shed during the night. You can also use something like a fragranced cleaning powder or baking soda sprinkled onto the surface before you hoover. These will soak up any odours leaving it lovely and fresh. If your manufacturer advises against the use of a vacuum, a dust pan and brush will have a similar effect without disturbing the fillings.

When you are changing your sheets or vacuuming your mattress you shouldn’t take off your sheets and instantly replace them. A mattress needs time to air occasionally. Especially during summer when we sweat more at night. When you remove your sheets leave the mattress to air for a few hours with no sheets on it. You should also consider rotating it around once a month too.

One other way to keep your mattress in its best condition is to try and keep your pets off it. It might seem cruel to shut your pets out of your room, but you’ll probably find that you get a better sleep for it. Especially if you have a hungry pet wanting fed or let outside at 5am. Of course, it’s not always possible to keep a pet out and you might not want to. Fear not though, you can still keep your mattress looking good. Simply increase the frequency in which you change your sheets and clean your mattress.

Keeping your mattress feeling and looking as good as the day you bought it is far easier than you might have thought, but the real benefit is that it will make it last much longer than it would without your TLC and keep you sleeping as sound as a baby for years to come.