Marks Weekly Review Hypnos New Orthocare 10 Divan & MattressAfter working in the beds and furniture industry for many years now it’s easy to see the difference some beds will have compared to others and the overall benefits. However, it’s easy for me to forget that generally to most people, every mattress looks similar. Most look comfy, but with different top coverings. But this couldn’t be further from the truth as you’ll see with this week’s review.

This week I’ll be reviewing the: Hypnos New Orthocare 10 Divan & Mattress.

Now as I have said before this bed sits in our showroom looking like any other model. But when I lie on it everything feels just perfect. I always start off laying on my back in bed in a slightly upright position. I know you shouldn’t but I watch TV in bed normally for at least 2 hours before sleep so this position is key for support and it gives that through its clever spring system. Hypnos uses Re-Active springs and with this model it has 10 coil turns per spring giving ample movement to allow it to adjust and contour to my constantly moving body. The golden ticket for me is because it provides individual support I won’t wake my partner by tossing and turning - bonus all round then!

Hypnos New Orthocare 10 Divan BedSprings in a bed are a great thing but not when you can feel them through a poorly filled mattress. Don’t worry though I’ve tried feeling them in this mattress and it’s just not happening. All I can feel is the soft fillings of cashmere and British wool making the bed feel cosy and welcoming. After what felt like hours but was 15 minutes I wasn’t feeling myself getting hot even though I’m fully clothed and in a warm showroom. Although cashmere and wool and natural breathable fibres, the addition of eOlus helps further. eOlus is a sustainable fibre designed to help regulate body temperature and works beautifully in tandem with the generous layers of cashmere and wool.

Have you ever wondered why some mattresses have tufts and stitching down the side whilst others are smooth topped? Everything serves a purpose. This king size mattress has 32 tufts and they keep all the fillings in place. Think about it. If you were to continually lie in the same spot, eventually the filling would migrate leaving flat spots and indentations. All Hypnos mattresses are hand side stitched. The side stitching is stitched and looped round a spring, tying the mattress together. This stops it from bowing out if you lay close to the edge. This means if you buy a 5ft you get to use 5ft of bed without feeling like you’re going to fall off. But be aware, some mattresses may have machine side stitching which is for look only and does not tie into the springs.

We have the Hypnos New Orthocare 10 in the showroom as a 150cm model with a firm mattress on a Super Storage Ottoman base. This ottoman base could fit half my partner’s shoes in – and there’s an awful lot of them! It’s like a horizontal wardrobe, perfect for all the houses with smaller bedrooms that are being built.

If an ottoman isn’t for you don’t worry it comes with every base option available from non-storage, 2, 4 or 2+2 Drawers and even the famous Hypnos Hideaway. You can choose from over 40 fabrics which are sure to go with any room décor you have or thinking of changing to. As the perfect finishing touch, there’s also a wide range of headboards that can be upholstered to match the base.

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