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Mark’s Weekly Review – Dunlopillo Orchid Slatted Divan & MattressWell what a week its been, rain, snow and now we have a weekend hotter than the Med! And with all that we’ve been setting up our brand new Dunlopillo Display. Not even 24 hours of having them here in our showroom and they’re getting lots of attention. It seems only right to do a review on one, so I have chosen one that was our first sale for Dunlopillo here.

This week I’m reviewing the Dunlopillo Orchid Mattress on a slatted divan base.

Dunlopillo make pure latex mattresses from the rubber tree, one of the most eco-friendly mattress fillings available. This process takes unprecedented effort and patience. One rubber tree would take 500 days to provide the sap needed to make a single mattress. Perfecting comfort takes time.

We have the Orchid set up in our showroom in a king size which is perfect for allowing me to spread out like a starfish. Before even trying the bed I must say it’s very aesthetically pleasing with a two-toned soft touch cover that gives it a modern/sleek look. I would almost feel ashamed to put sheets over it.  

Dunlopillo Orchid Divan BedAfter trying this bed I felt supported but not to a degree where I would say this mattress was right for me. I have a slender build and this mattress is rated as ‘Firm’ I just didn’t feel as comfortable as I would have liked. I make the bed more comfortable for my frame I had to lift the mattress which i must admit isn’t the easiest thing to do on your own. Dunlopillo have been very clever in using adjustable slats to cater for differing levels of support and comfort. I adjusted the centre slats which have sliding adjusters to increase or decrease the tension you feel through the mattress It was pre-set to the firmest possible tension. No wonder it felt too firm for me. I must admit I was slightly debious about how much difference this could make to the overall feel but after making the adjustments and laying back down, I became aware that it made quite a noticable difference to the support it gave me. I started to feel more relaxed and loose, allowing me just lay there and take in all the bed was offering. Even though there are no springs in the mattress it is supporting each part of my body differently. Now this is because the mattress has 7 zones of comfort, softer zones around the shoulders, hips and heels but firmer zones for supporting the spine. This is clever. All the pointy bits of my slim body are moulding to the softer zones without compromising my spine.

Best of all my partner prefers a firmer tensioned bed compared to me so without the hassle of compromising we can just adjust our own slats to the tension we prefer.

One thing that is always on our mind when buying a new bed or just mattress is heat. Summer is here now ‘I hope’ and there is nothing worse than waking up or even worse not being able to get to sleep because your are overheating. Dunolpillo mattresses are pure latex but due to the nature in how they are made with Millions of microscopic air bubbles, this allows constant air circulation so as you move in the night the mattress is basically breathing, allowing for a comfortable tempature to sleep. This is maximised by the base options Dunlopillo offer, there bases only consist of either slatted or sprung this allows air flow to the highest level possible. Although not advised they can go on platform top bases but this won’t allow the mattress to do some of the jobs its been designed for.        

My personal choice if I was to buy a Dunlopillo Orchid Bed would be a 180cm / super king size, on a slatted base for the added option of slat tensions. With the multiple zones, breathability and unrivaled top quality feel this bed delivers everything I could want.

My final analysis for the Dunlopillo Orchid;

This isn’t the cheapest bed you can buy but BMW or Mercedes aren’t the cheapest cars you can buy. We all enjoy top quality items, big TV’s, the latest phones etc. As you spend one third of life in your bed it leaves you thinking, why not. The Orchid is certainly worth saving up for.    

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Dunlopillo Brochure 2015 / 16

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