Mark's Weekly Review Sealy 1200 Pocket Silver Genoa BedWe have been open here in Burgess Hill, West Sussex for nearly 4 months and have seen many people who come and ask for all manner of things in a bed. The one thing many people think is that if they have a new bed it will fix their bad back. A bed can’t perform miracles but it can help ease the pain or aches giving you a better start to the day.

So with this at the forefront of my mind I’ve decided to review the Sealy 1200 Pocket Silver Genoa Divan Bed.

We have this bed in our showroom as a 135cm / 4’6” Double, with 2 drawers on a platform top divan. Complimented with a Sealy Borwick button back headboard all finished in Aubergine, it’s a cracking looking bed. Straight away this set up is very smart, the contrast of an almost brilliant white micro quilted knitted cover and dark fabric makes this bed look sharp and crisp, giving a look and feel of quality and hard work.

When we try beds we all give them the ‘bum’ test, sitting on the side to see how well it holds you, while checking to see how much the mattress folds in. This mattress has a patented unicase that surrounds the springs so sitting on the edge doesn’t bow the sides out. Due to the encapsulation of the pocket springs It stays in place.

Sealy 1200 Pocket Gold Genoa BedAfter spending 20 or so minutes trying this bed out, I couldn’t quite get comfy, the covers felt sumptuous and soft but personally for me, it felt too hard almost as though I was lying on it and not getting the full benefit of the 1200 pocketed springs. Now this bed is rated medium but to me personally it felt like a firm/hard but then again I am only 10 stone and 6’2” so being tall and slim means I benefit from something softer. This mattress is clever because the springs are broken into 7 zones that are motion and weight responsive with eco-friendly tencel fibres to help keep you cool at night. This makes me feel almost annoyed it doesn’t suit me.

Even though the Sealy 1200 Pocket Silver Genoa bed has so many benefits for most people and has won a Which? Best Buy, I do not believe it’s suitable for someone of my build. You must always buy something that feels supportive and comfortable to your individual needs. On paper this bed has more merits than most making it even more important to come and try before you buy.

The divan Sealy compliment the mattress with is a platform top providing better support. The drawers are on a metal runner system meaning they will last for many years to come. The fabric choices are limited but that’s not always a bad thing. 4 neutral colors that would be sure it match or compliment most room designs.

My final analysis for the Sealy 1200 Pocket Silver Genoa;

This bed has so many benefits to help you get a better night sleep, from the soft, cool cover to the 7 zoned weight responsive pockets, allowing you to get a full night’s deep sleep and waking up knowing your back and spine have been fully supported.