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marks reviewAs you can tell from the title, I’ll be doing a weekly review of all the  beds and mattresses on display at our new Burgess Hill showroom which opened at the beginning of February.

One of the main things I get asked by our customers is ‘what makes this bed better than the rest?’ Well to be honest, each mattress has its own qualities -which suit some people but not others. This can cause issues if your partner has different comfort needs to you.

I thought I’d start off reviewing Myers beds and in particular their new ‘MyFamily’ range of mattresses. Under review this week is the Myers My Super Duper Relaxing Memory divan and mattress.

Myers-My-Super-Duper-Memory-Bed-Undressed 400After lying on this bed for 20 minutes, with some odd looks through the window I might add, I could picture how the bed would change my emotions if I had this in my bedroom. Now before you get the wrong idea I want to go into a little more detail. After 5 minutes or so I could feel my whole body was relaxed and pressure free. It felt like all my responsibilities and worries were fading. Now whether this was because of the super cosy quilted top or the fact that each of the 1200 springs is individually cased I don’t know, but it’s softness seemed to work in perfect harmony with my body. Being slim makes it hard choosing a bed as I always feel I lay on it not in it. However the My Super Duper Relaxing Memory felt different. It felt like a big, warm, soft cuddle that moulded to my body shape. With that in mind and the fact that my mornings are spent watching cartoons with my daughter while my beds turned into a playground, I feel the My Super Duper would make me feel suitably refreshed after a great night’s sleep  to be doing that at

SPACE! There’s nothing worse than having run out of space. Well let’s face it we all store lots of things and are not always sure where or why we keep at all? In my case this was certainly an issue but with all the divan base options available on most beds, you can make the most of dead space in your homes. With Myers the choice is maximised. They offer non-storage bases to ones with 2 drawers, 4 Drawers, 2+2 continental drawers ( the ones at the back are smaller so they don’t knock into a bedside) or a full ottoman base. And with great fabric choices to upholster your bed in and prices starting from £299 what's holding you back?

Lastly, something that’s always bothered me is people thinking divan beds are old fashion. Not true!! I’m mid 20’s and LOVE my divan set. With modern fabrics and matching headboards like the Myers Groovy why wouldn’t you want a Divan Set.

My final analysis for the Myers My Super Duper Relaxing Memory mattress is:-

A fantastic, cosy, warm bed gives a great excuse for a lay-in with ample storage available and headboard designs for a little individuality. This is certainly a strong contender for my next bed. 

See you next week when we are reviewing the Staples Poplar Elite mattress