Today is extremely hot. Our showroom has a large glass front and side making it very warm dare I say. But this heat has drawn the customers out and our showroom has been busier than ever. Some people are saying it’s too hot for gardening or even a round of golf. All these people coming through the door and no one seems keen on foam mattresses. Now you might be thinking the same, yes I had one and kept overheating. But there so many types of foam: memory, visco, geltex etc. These are all different and have individual qualities.  Mattresses that might make you over heat might not be getting the right air flow or maybe they’re a cheap import. You must always check where your mattress is made. Big Brand Beds only sell UK manufactured mattresses. This inspired to me to my next review

This week I’ll be reviewing the Breasley Visco Foam 500 Mattress.

This mattress has so many benefits before you’ve even tried it. It comes vacuumed packed / rolled up, meaning its ideal for those hard to reach rooms, tricky staircases or area with general access issues. It’s ideal for a holiday home for a last minute emergency or a full time use mattress. The one thing people always want to know is if it’s suitable for divan bases and bed frames. The answer is YES! These mattresses so adaptable for use I imagine it would still be comfortable to the floor. I’m going to try this on a platform top divan base in the showroom. 

The first thing I notice with the Breasley Visco Foam 500 mattress is it is incredible light, so whether your young like me or at a later stage in life, rotating this mattress won’t be a problem. It’s also single sided and no turn. A hot day like today is perfect for trying this to see if there really is a heat issue. After 20 minutes of tossing and turning to try all positions, I must say it’s one of those ‘does exactly what is says on the tin.’ The boney and pointy parts of my body were cushioned in such a way that I forgot I had boney and pointy parts. I can thank the 5cm of high density visco elastic memory foam. I know quite a mouthful isn’t it? This is a clever 5cm’s though; its sole purpose is to be sensitive and relieve pressure from your body. It’s responsive to your body heat so contours to your exact body shape.

Now you can’t have all that lovely sensitive memory foam without something there to support it. There’s 15cm of high density foam below which is supporting the 5cm on top. It is also making sure you get support in all the right places as you lay on this mattress. You can slowly feel it molding to your body suggesting it will give you trouble free sleep but without that feeling of not being able to move.

My final thought on this mattress is, a 135cm / double is £309.00, but currently on offer at £262.65 is excellent value for money. I mean it’s made in Britain, has a 5 year guarantee and is without a doubt an exceptional mattress. Now you might be worried it doesn’t have springs. Springs aren’t essential in a mattress. However they are needed with certain natural fillings like wool, silk, cashmere etc. there are also some very good hybrid mattresses that combine foam and springs. So why be conventional when you can be one of those to try something new? You never know you might not want a traditional mattress again. And remember, if you order before 11am it's next day delivery except Saturday)

Prices are correct at the time of writing this blog, but subject to change