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Jual-Logo-NewTime to Get Your Living Room Ready for the Holidays.

No one wants to admit it out loud but there’s no denying it – winter is coming. And we all know that winter means Christmas is just around the corner. Think of all the family members that are about to descend on your home! That picky aunt who delights in sneering at your home, the perfect cousin who always wants to outdo you… Actually Christmas is a bit of a pain. Which is why you need to act now and treat your home to a new set of Jual furniture.

Now you may be thinking that Christmas is ages away, but these next few months will pass in a flash. By getting your home visitor-ready early you will save yourself some stress in the future.

So where do you start? Well nothing changes the look and feel of a room like a new set of furniture, which is why you need to need to be introduced to the new gorgeous Jual range of furniture.

Now the most in-demand style for this Autumn/Winter is warming dark woods, which makes the new Jual JF700 Lounge Collection a must-have for your new living room. The collection perfectly embodies a stylish mix of contemporary curves with the more traditional use of high-quality wood.

Why not start your collection with the JF703 Coffee Table? This stunning coffee table has an ellipse feel to its design, which creates clever storage for all your favourite magazines beneath while still making a stunning centre-piece for your living room.

Jual-JF701-Large-Corner-TV-Stand-Room-SetThis Jual 2015 Lounge Collection has plenty of other beautiful pieces of furniture too. In particular, the Jual JF705 Console Table is stunning. Very dynamic, this curvy console could be used in your new lounge look or used to extend your new furniture into a hallway. Particularly useful with its drawers, just think how easy it will be to find those pesky car keys in the morning now you store them in your fabulous walnut console table.

The JF706 Nest of Tables from the new Jual collection is another living room essential. Perfect for pulling out and giving your guests somewhere to rest their mulled wine – on a coaster of course. Especially useful if any of your guests are a bit clumsy with their drinks, simply put a little table in front of them and hopefully your carpet survives.

Now no room would be complete without something stylish to hold that massive TV that you own. Of course, with TVs these days being so big (everyone seems to have at least 40 inches of plasma televisions) you need something solid to hold it. This is why the new Jual Lounge Collection offers a couple of TV stand designs to ensure you find what you’re looking for.

The JF701 Corner TV Stand offers people who want to tuck their TV in the corner a funky stand to keep that TV on. While the JF702 TV stand is more suited to putting your TV against a flat wall. Both stands combine the lovely walnut curves seen in the rest of the Jual Lounge Collection and either are a wonderful finishing touch to your new living room.

Save 10% on Jual's New Range until the end of September

With all this wonderful new furniture your relatives are sure to be impressed when they visit this Christmas. And you’ll feel all the more relaxed for redecorating well in advance. Now start the Christmas shopping and save 10% on all orders placed until the end of September.

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