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Jual Curve Furniture LogoThe snow is falling heavily across the country and one of our customers has just called to say she is assembling her Jual Curve furniture that has just been delivered. She is absolutely delighted with the service she has received from Big brand Beds, particularly as she only ordered her Jual Curve Oak JF203 850mm TV Stand and Jual Curve Oak JF303 Round Lamp Table yesterday afternoon.

A 140 mile journey through the snow this morning and her Curve TV Stand and Lamp Table were delivered to her home at 10.00am. She even called her husband at work to let him know they had arrived.

Jual-JF203-Curve-Oak-TV-Stand-250-1667.jpgNow we pride ourselves on the great service that we offer, but I said to the customer “You’ve made my day” because I had just received an email from the warehouse saying it was now closed for the day. I was expecting to be calling customers with bad news, not receiving calls commending our service.

Kind words from customers like this lady really make our job worthwhile and it’s one of the reasons that the Vokins family have been retailing in Sussex since 1882.

If you like the look of the Jual Curve Oak range of occasional furniture, follow the link on our website to view it.

With Free delivery, speedy service from stock and best prices on the internet, it’s an economical way to freshen up any living room.

Having completed this blog I have just received another call from a customer in Scotland to say her Jual Curve Walnut JF203 850mm TV Stand that she ordered yesterday arrived at her home this morning and that it was so easy to assemble.

What great customers we have that take the trouble to phone us with such great feedback. Thank you both very much.