When it comes to Christmas present hints, things were so much easier when we were little.

Is a Mattress on You Christmas List?We’d simply browse through the catalogue and list everything out we wanted – usually be just circling it with one of those little pens that we ‘borrowed’ from the shop.

As adults though, we find the hinting much harder, bar the general new Pandora bead or PS4 game (that’s really meant for the kids). So why not decide in advance this year to treat yourselves to a mattress?

A new mattress can seem like a boring gift, but you may not realise just how much joy a new mattress could bring to your life.

For one, many of us, especially if we have a young family, feel as if we are constantly tired. Even if we get to sleep at a decent time, we can still wake up feeling unrested. Mainly due to the fact that many of us toss and turn during the night, as our bodies try to find more comfortable positions to lie in as we sleep. All this movement and waking can really add up over the night, meaning that we wake up feeling as if we never slept at all.

But this lack of sleep is no good for us at all, it adds up over time and eventually we find that we’re so tired that it’s affecting our day-to-day lives. With many of us making mistakes at work or finding it hard to concentrate on what we’re doing. It can also increase our irritability, leading to fights we wouldn’t have had if we’d got a good night’s sleep.

Many of us just choose to live with our tiredness though, believing it just to be a side effect of a modern, busy life. However, what most of us don’t realise though, is that a lot of us are lacking sleep due to our mattresses rather than our lifestyles. And by simply replacing our mattress we could be improving our sleep and levels of tiredness no end.

Our mattresses should be replaced approximately every 8 years, or sooner if your mattress has obvious wear and tear, such as coils sticking through or holes in the mattress. If yours is damaged, or very old, then now is definitely the time to be adding a mattress to your Christmas wish list.

Yet, don’t be too tempted by a mattress bargain. Remember, this is something that should last you nearly a decade and will be used every single night. When you see advertisements for a ‘miracle mattress’ that’s under £99. Sure, it’s cheap, but you have to consider why a mattress like this is so cheap. More often than not, these mattresses are stuffed with undesirable materials that won’t last, meaning you need to replace the mattress much sooner. This is a false economy that many of us fall for.

Instead, think of your mattress as an investment that needs research, just like a new phone or television. Look into the different types - such as memory foam or latex mattresses - and decide on what suits you best. Never be afraid to visit a shop to try out a mattress either, that’s exactly how you’ll find your ideal fit.

Just think how wonderful it will be slipping into a perfectly comfortable bed after the chaos that is Christmas day!