There’s nothing quite like crawling into bed at night and getting all comfortable, but did you know that your sleeping position actually says a lot about your personality? Indeed, your sleeping position at night can reveal how stressful your day was, how much control you feel you have over your life and even how bossy or stubborn you are.

Sound intriguing? Well here’s what your sleeping position says about you:

Foetal Position

Sleeping in the foetal position is one of the most common ways to sleep at night for adults. This signifies someone who is shy or sensitive. You’ll tend to worry a lot (perhaps unnecessarily), overthink and this position can signify you want to return to your comfort zone after a stressful day. People who sleep like this are conscientious and like to be organised with everything in the correct place.

This position is most likely to be adopted by woman and is fine for your health if you sleep on your right side. It can stress your vital organs if you sleep on your left side.

Couple SleepingThe “Log”

The log position is when a person sleeps on their back with their limbs rigidly by their side, this straightens the spine making it a popular position for people who suffer from back pain. This position suggests the sleeper is stubborn, rigid and set in their ways. However they may also be trusting to the point of gullible.

The Yearner

A yearner will sleep on their side with their arms stretched in front of them as if they are reaching out for some desire. If you sleep like this it is thought that you want more from life and are eager to achieve your dreams. Yearners are said to be their own worst critics and will give something up if they feel they are not good at it.

Although open to new experiences, a yearner can be stubborn and cynical. Health wise, sleeping on your side can be very beneficial and can help with sleep apnoea and acid reflux.

The Soldier

Similar to the log position, expect less rigidly. Those who sleep on their back are reserved and quiet – they will shy away from any drama. They will also expect very high standards both from themselves and the people around them.

Sleeping on your back can be a leading factor in snoring and can cause difficulty breathing.

The Starfish

In near enough every relationship there is a starfish – that person who spreads their limbs across the bed taking up all the room. However, just like others who sleep on their back, starfishers can be prone to snoring. Bed hogging and snoring are not the best qualities in a sleeping partner.

Those who sleep in this position tend to be fun, out-going people who make for exceptional friends. Starfishers are also great listeners.

Free Fallers

Free fallers sleep on their front with either their arms out to the side or clutching a pillow in what can only be described as a rather uncomfortable sleeping position to adopt. These people will often feel that life is happening around them without their involvement and they are in no way controlling what’s happening in their lives. These sleepers will often wake-up feeling anxious about tasks they are still to do and will stress easily.

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