This week I will be reviewing a Hypnos pillow top mattress, the Hypnos Pillow Top Astral. It’s almost like doing a Hypnos Premier Inn mattress review.

This week our Hypnos mattress review is the Pillow Top Astral.

The Hypnos pillow top mattress range has always been a firm favourite of mine since I slept on one when I stayed at a Premier Inn. I don’t think I have ever had a better night’s sleep in a hotel than that night. It was an exceptionally comfort bed. I mean who wouldn’t like a brand new pillow top mattress with an extra sumptuous layer of soft breathable cotton, wool and solotex to comfort you.

What's inside the Hypnos Pillow Top Astral Mattress?

This single sided no turn Hypnos Pillow Top Astral mattress comprises:
  • ReActive™ 7 turn pocket springs
  • Wool
  • Cotton
  • Solotex
  • Adaptiv™ springs

Information on all the upholstery fillings and springs can be found on our Hypnos bed & mattress product information page.

Hypnos Mattress Review The Hypnos Pillow Top Astral Mattress

Hypnos Pillow Top Astral mattress finishing touches:

  • Chemical free Belgian damask mattress cover
  • Hand tufted
  • 2 rows of hand side stitching
  • Flag stitched handles (4 on a single Hypnos mattress and 8 on a double Hypnos mattress and bigger)
  • 16 air vents on all double Hypnos mattresses and larger sizes
  • The Pillow Top Astral mattress is available in one tension which is medium comfort

Hypnos Mattress Review The Hypnos Pillow Top Astral Mattress

In our bed shop we have this luxurious no turn pillow top mattress on a platform top Hypnos hideaway base. It provides comfort of the highest order. My only worry was when laying on such a giving surface I might feel the tufts in the mattress that hold all the layers of filing in place. I didn’t have to worry as due to the thickness of the pillow top these were not an issue.

The pillow top Astral mattress is covered in a sublime chemical free Belgian damask that is soft and silky to touch. Added to this it features 37.5® technology, a textile innovation woven into the fabric that enhances the body’s natural cooling mechanism by wicking away moisture.

I was very impressed by the side support the mattress gave considering its 30cm depth. From sitting on it to lying down. I often end up with a tiny percentage of the mattress we have at home so whenever I review a bed, I have to carry out the ‘pushed over with only 2ft to sleep on surface test’. Laying so close to the edge and closing my eyes made me almost disoriented. I could have been in the middle of a super king size Hypnos pillow top mattress. There was no rolling sensation, no discomfort, and I felt I could have fallen into a REM sleep within minutes.

This pillow top mattress has it all with the Hypnos ReActive™ 7 turn pocket springs, layers upon layers of natural filling. Hypnos also use a layer of solotex in this pillow top mattress. It is a relatively new fabric, a modernised version of polyester, but it is a great insulator with higher loft and greater rebound properties. It provides much of the loft in the pillow top Astral mattress. When you lie on this mattress and feel the comfort of the deep cushioned surface, some of that is down to the solotex doing its job helping the mattress maintain its loft and support.

All in all, this Hypnos pillow top mattress is a perfect all-rounder. Firm enough for back and front sleepers but with enough upholstery for side sleepers. On a platform top divan base it’s a great option for both back, front and side sleepers. Pop in onto a firm edge sprung divan base and it will feel softer and possibly better for a side sleeper. The beauty of this mattress is with a luxurious deep pillow top the pressure points on your body will be cushioned.

Hypnos Mattress Review The Hypnos Pillow Top Astral Mattress

Which Hypnos divan base should I pair the Pillow Top Astral mattress with?

For a firmer more supportive feel choose a platform top divan base

  • Hypnos platform top divan base - pictured above
  • Hypnos Hideaway bed
  • Hypnos ottoman bed
  • Hypnos EasyStore divan base

For a gentler feel choose a Hypnos sprung divan base

  • Hypnos firm edge divan base

The deep divan whether platfrom top or firm edge sprung has further finishing touches which include a great choice of storage drawers. They can also be custom made to your specification, higher, lower, longer, shorter or wider. Hypnos beds are a truly bespoke option. To finish your Hypnos divan base there is a great range of fabrics to upholster it in.

To create a stunning showpiece in your bedroom, complete your bed with a matching Hypnos headboard. There’s plenty of choice. With strutted bed fix headboards or the elegant Hypnos euro slim headboards, which are floor standing at 132cm high, there’s a Hypnos headboard to compliment your décor. And don’t forget that all Hypnos beds and mattresses come with a full 10 year guarantee.

Big Brand Beds Hypnos mattress review

If your worried about the pillow top element, do not be. It’s why it’s the Hypnos mattress used by Premier Inn. It’s like a perfect bed partner, there to snuggle up on those cold winter nights but comforting in the warmer summer nights without making you feel like you are sleeping on a memory foam mattress. The Hypnos Pillow Top Astral mattress has many benefits and ticks all the boxes for me. A cleverly designed Hypnos pillow top bed.

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