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We know that Hypnos divan beds and pocket sprung mattresses are luxury beds and made to the highest standards with a large amount of tlc (tender loving care). The pocket sprung mattress fillings are of only the highest quality and there are lots of them. So how is the mattress filling held in place?….The finishing touches.

Hypnos beds side stitchingOnce the pocket springs are nested into shape, a rigid bar is clipped around the perimeter to hold the pocket springs together and maintain the mattress’s shape. Hypnos luxury beds then have generous layers of only the finest natural fillings placed over the spring unit. In some cases these can be in excess of 12” of fillings. The fillings are then covered with a cover, called a tick, which is a tightly woven fabric. It is generally a high quality Belgium damask.

Hand Side Stitching

So to the finishing touches. Hypnos luxury beds are hand side stitched. This is a process whereby a highly trained craftsman inserts a long upholstery needle with high tensile twine through the mattress border into the springs and the layers of fillings. This process ensures the fillings and pocket springs remain in place and the mattress border is firm and supportive. They use a minimum of 2 rows of hand side stitching. Mattresses like the Hypnos Adagio Supreme, Stratus Pillow Top, Serenade Supreme and Orthos Elite Cashmere have 3 rows of hand side stitching.

Do not confuse machine side stitching with hand side stitching. Only luxury beds have hand side stitching. Hand side stitching is a real skill learnt over many years.

Hand Tufting

Once the mattresses are side stitched, the second finishing touch starts, the tufting. The pocket sprung mattress is placed in a press and compressed. A long tufting needle with twine is inserted through the mattress. On each end of the twine a tuft of wool or felt is attached. This makes sure that all the fillings stay in place and improves the life of your mattress.

Hey presto, the finishing touches complete the luxury bed.

Finally, in order to protect your investment, we strongly recommend the use of a good quality mattress protector. This will help promote hygene and avoid stains. In some cases not using a mattress protector can invalidate your guarantee.

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