Our visit to the Hypnos bed and mattress factory at Princes Risborough included a tour of the factory

All the divan bases are made from Scandinavian pine which is carefully checked for knots and defects. Hypnos will not accept a piece of timber that has 2 knots that are a third of the width of it within a 1 metre section. Scandinavnian pine is used as there is a continuous growing season so the timber is not prone to splitting.

Hypnos make a variety of divan bases that include:-

Platform Top

Sprung Edge with Open Coil Springs

Sprung Edge with Pocket Springs

Firm Edge with Open Coil Springs

Firm Edge with Pocket Springs

Padded Top Ottoman

Below are pictures of some of the manufacturing stages of a Hypnos divan base.

Sprung Edge Divan Base having the open coil springs attached

Hypnos Sprung Edge Base

Firm Edge Base. One half of a 180cm linked base

Hypnos Firm Edge Base

Firm Edge Base Covered in Denim (recycled Jeans)

Hypnos Firm Edge Base Finish

Upholstering the Base

Hypnos Upholstering Base

Drawer Support to enable drawers to hold 28kgs

Hypnos Drawer Support