We’ve all heard the latest buzz word in the bed industry….hybrid, but what does it mean exactly?

Mattress shopping can feel a bit like rocket science. There are so many different types all with their own benefits meaning that it can be immensely difficult to choose the one for you. Then there’s the fact that your partner might have other needs to your own. No wonder mattress shopping can be so stressful for people.

Well it doesn’t need to be! Especially as there are now hybrid mattresses on the market.

But what are hybrid mattresses?

Silentnight-Mirapocket-2000-Geltex-Topaz-Mattress-450Well, at a basic level, hybrid mattresses are a mixture of two or more components such as gel, latex, or memory foam combined with sprung structure. The resulting mattress is both incredibly comfortable and beneficial to your health. Pictured right is our best selling Silentnight Mirapocket 2000 Geltex Topaz mattress.

Now you might be thinking that ‘hybrid’ just sounds like some rip-off trend. After-all, the term hybrid can be overused with cars, golf clubs and even certain foods these days. So why should you be interested in a hybrid mattress? Well, for one, a hybrid is far from a rip-off. In fact, hybrid ranges are designed to actually last longer than normal mattresses meaning you’ll have to replace yours much less.

But there are so many more benefits to investing in a hybrid mattress than just its longevity. One of the most compelling reasons is the immense comfort that it brings to the sleeper. Each mattress has a top comfort layer of geltex, latex or memory foam (depending on your choice). It is this layer that makes the mattress so comfortable as it allows your body to conform to your mattress giving a sense of weightless sleep. This is also beneficial to your health as it removes pressure from your joints as you sleep.

Indeed, these are designed to provide much more support for your body than a normal mattress can. True, geltex, latex and memory foam will ease the stress on your muscles and joints, relieving pain, but the addition of an internal coil of spring will help realign your spine preventing back and neck pain in the future.

But hybrids aren’t just about providing comfort, they also offer exceptional value to those who buy them. Just think, you’re getting the combination of two great mattresses for the price of one. This means that for those of you who want the best of both worlds won’t need to break the bank in order to be able to afford one.

There are many hybrid mattresses on the market with varying components depending on what you are looking for. To get the best one for you, research the benefits that you’re looking for. Alternatively call us on 01273 857388 and ask one of our team to help you out. They will happily help you find the hybrid mattress of your dreams which will provide both comfort and support during the night without having to compromise on either.