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Unlike going on a wonderful beach holiday, where you spend your nights in a wonderfully cool, air-conditioned room, when it becomes too hot in Britain we find our sleep seriously suffering. So how do you ensure the best night’s sleep, even on a hot night? Here are 10 tips that will help you get the perfect night’s sleep, even when it’s sweltering outside:

1: Sleep in Cotton

It’s tempting when the heat hits to shed as many clothes as possible, however this can actually make you more warm during the night as sweat clings to your body. Instead opt for light cotton pyjamas in bed, which will let your skin breathe and absorb sweat.

2: Switch Off Plugs

We’re a nation of standby, may it be our televisions, chargers or consoles – we regularly just switch our devices off at a button rather than at the plug. When it’s warm, though, it’s important to switch our plugs off as these give out a surprising level of heat. You’ll even save yourself some money on your electricity bill!

3: Ditch Your Partner

It might sound brutal, but when it’s too hot, sometimes it’s just easier to sleep alone rather than being too hot together. Spend the night in separate beds, you’ll appreciate your decision when you both get a good sleep.

Stay cool4: Spray Your Sheets

You won’t sleep well on wet sheets, but a slight misting of cool water onto the sheets just before you get into bed can work wonders to keep you cool. You could even keep a spray bottle beside your bed if you wake in the night.

5: Avoid Alcohol

Sitting in the garden having a BBQ and a few drinks is the perfect way to spend a warm weekend, however, beware drinking too much alcohol before bed. Alcohol makes you dehydrated, as does heat, which makes for a nasty combination. Try to ensure that you’re drinking enough water as well any alcohol and keep an iced water bottle beside your bed.

6: Use a Fan

A fan blowing cool air in the room can really help you feel more comfortable. However, avoid pointing a fan towards yourself while you sleep as you may end up giving yourself a chill. Instead open a window and direct the fan perpendicular to it. This will create a nice cross breeze in your room.

7: Close Your Curtains

It might seem nice to open your curtains and let in the sunlight in the morning, but when it’s very warm, having this hot sunlight shining into your room all day will cause it to become very warm. Keep your curtains closed during the day and you will find your room is cool come bedtime.

8: Run Your Wrists Under Water

If you are feeling particularly hot and uncomfortable when it comes to night time, then one easy way to cool yourself down quickly is to run your wrists under cold water for a few minutes. This will cool your bloodstream and be carried across your body, cooling you down.

9: A Damp Sheet Over the Window

If you don’t have access to a fan (or dislike the noise), you can still create a similar coolness in your room by opening your windows and covering them with a damp sheet. As a breeze comes in, it will be cooled by the sheet and you will feel more comfortable.

10: Make a Cold-Water Bottle!

When we feel too chilly we fill a hot water bottle to warm us up, so it makes sense when we are too hot that we should do the opposite. Rather than water that melts though, a simple way to cool yourself is too fill socks with rice and put them in the freezer. Then put them over your wrists and ankles when you go to bed. 

Finally, consider a geltex or latex mattress. Latex is naturally breathable whilst geltex is a new generation open cell foam structure that keeps you cool. We have a great range from Dunlopillo and Silentnight mattresses on display in our showroom at Keymer Road, Burgess Hill, West Sussex RH15 0AD.