It might sound like common sense not to fall asleep at work, yet a large proportion of us have found ourselves drifting off at some point in our working lives. Especially on a Friday afternoon after a long week at the computer. Now unlike places like Japan, where napping at work is a sign that you’re working hard and being a good employee, it’s unlikely that if your boss finds you napping in the office that you’ll get anything other than a scary telling-off! But, when you’re feeling dozy, how can you keep yourself alert?

Sleeping-at-Desk1: Get Face-to Face

These days we seem to do most of our communication by email, which might be simple and convenient but all that computer work can leave you feeling drained and sleepy. Instead, try to arrange some face-to-face meetings in your day. This social contact helps boost mood and keep you feeling alert.

2: Get Moving

If you do feel yourself starting to drift off at your desk, then it’s time to get moving. Get up and have a walk around the office and, if possible, try to nip outside for a few minutes to get some fresh air. Most of us feel guilty about taking a break but keep in mind how productive you’ll be when you get back.

3: Eat a Snack

Eating a snack keeps your hands busy and boosts your mood – after-all who doesn’t love eating? Avoid the bad choices like chocolate or crisps and instead opt for brain boosting foods like nuts, grains or eggs. Although you might not win friends by snacking on boiled eggs in the office.

4: Drink Some Water

Often that feeling of fatigue is actually your body feeling dehydrated. Keep a bottle of water on your desk and drink plenty through the day. You’ll feel refreshed and your body will love you for it.

5: Splash Cold Water on Your Face

When we begin to feel sleepy we tend to also feel very warm and cosy. To get yourself out of this sleepy state, take a quick walk to the bathroom and splash your face with some cold water. This will remind your body of the morning and bring you back to feeling awake.

6: Chew Gum

It might seem silly, but research has found that people who chew gum for 15 minutes feel more alert than those who didn’t. Not only that, but you’ll also have wonderfully fresh breath too! Just try to stick to the sugar-free gum though or your dentist will be far from impressed.

7: Breathing Exercises

Perhaps the most incredibly easy way to wake yourself up at work is by taking a few deep breaths. Yes seriously, taking around 10 deep breaths an hour will keep you feeling awake and alert.

Of course, nothing can replace getting your 6-8 hours’ good quality sleep needed a night to help combat that work fatigue. But for days where even the best sleep won’t do, these little perk-me-ups should at least keep your boss off your back and keep you away from the caffeine.

Get a New Bed & Mattress

If you are not getting good quality sleep, it might not be you. There could be a problem with your bed. Your mattress might be old and uncomfortable. It might be time to invest in something new. You’ve probably seen Lenny Henry on TV looking fresh as a daisy after a night on a Hypnos pillow top bed.

Hypnos Pillow Top Collection

He has made the Hypnos Pillow Top mattress range one of the most loved and recognisable mattresses in the UK today. It’s largely thanks to him and his television adverts for Premier Inns that Hypnos beds are enjoying such popularity.

But what’s all the fuss about? Well those that have stayed in a Premier Inn and slept on one of the mattresses will know. However, they will only know half the story. You see the bed in question is manufactured with a 5-year guarantee and does not offer all the Hypnos extras of different sizes, tensions, hand side stitching and fillings. The bed is made for the hotel to a contract specification. This is a lower specification than the beds and mattresses we sell in store which come with a 10-year guarantee. Most hotels change the beds after 4 or 5 years.

Hypnos-Alto-Pillow-Top-Mattress-400-215We have a great range of Hypnos Pillow Top divan beds and mattresses that we sell in store and online. The luxury no turn mattresses feature the ReActive™ pocket spring system. Each ReActive™ spring has between 6 and 10 active turns which independently and actively sense your shape and weight distribution, providing comfort and support exactly where you and your partner need it.

It is then upholstered with layers of non-allergenic white fibre and covered with the finest Belgian Damask to provide an exquisite, soft and silky sleep surface. A sumptuously soft pillow top cushioning is then placed on top of the supportive mattress. The finishing touches include 3 rows of genuine hand side-stitching for additional edge-to edge support, and hand-tufting for longevity.

Choose from the top of the range Hypnos Stratus Pillow Top bed which features the ReActive™ 10 pocket spring system to the Hypnos Alto Pillow Top (pictured) which features the ReActive™ 6 pocket spring system. Both provide a luxurious medium feel yet provide a supportive sleeping environment.

The Alto Pillow Top is our best seller and is on display in our showroom at Keymer Road, Burgess Hill, West Sussex, RH15 0AD. It’s crammed full of wool to give the feeling that you are sleeping in the clouds.

Once you’ve found the bed of your dreams, you have storage and upholstery options to think about. With a huge selection of bang on trend fabrics to upholster the divan base in, there will be a glorious fabric to compliment the furnishings in your bedroom.

To finish the look, there’s a choice of Hypnos headboards that can be upholstered to match the bed. This provides a stunning finishing touch that will enhance the decor of your bedroom.

With this new addition to your bedroom, you’ll never need to fall asleep at work again.

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