For some reason, headboards just don’t get the love that they deserve, with many consumers preferring to opt for a frame bed or leaving the headboard to be an unimaginative after-thought. However, many of us don’t realise just how useful a headboard can be to our needs, more specifically, just how versatile a headboard can make your bedroom.

HeadboardsThe problem that many of us have when it comes to decorating, is just how bored we get. Maybe last year you wanted a bright purple, glitter feature wall in your bedroom, but this year you want a more relaxed, dreamy bedroom using creams and browns. Chances are, that the different decorations we want for our bedrooms, might not match the bed that you bought. Which is where headboards can become highly useful.

Unlike a frame bed, where your headboard is part of the frame and you would need to replace your entire bed, a headboard simply attaches to the divan and can be swapped easily. This gives you an incredible amount of versatility when it comes to your bed, as you can simply change your headboard both easily and cost-effectively.

One of the main reasons that a headboard is so versatile, is the fact that they come in such a wide array of designs and materials. In fact, you can practically get a headboard in any colour, design or material you desire.

Wooden Headboards

Wooden headboards can be a real showstopper in a bedroom, creating a real focal point for the eye as you walk in the room. These wooden headboards can be particularly useful for people with small bedrooms. This is due to the fact that, generally, a large wooden frame is too big and bulky for a small room, however, by opting for a wooden headboard alongside a divan, you still get the look of a wooden frame but leaving yourself far more room.

Wooden headboards can come in a variety of types; from light and airy pines to deep, dark mahogany that bring a warmth to your bedroom. These can also feature intricate carved designs mixed with metals for a more gothic/royal feel. The simplicity and price of the Serene Amelia headboard which is available in a white or oak finish make this a best seller

Metal Headboards

If you like the gothic feel, metal headboards are also incredibly popular. Most common in shades of blacks and greys or white. Metal headboards are both glamorous and romantic, especially when you choose one that has a swirled or curved design through it. The Serene Edwardian II Floor Standing headboard is a timeless classic available in a black or ivory finish.

One thing to keep in mind with both the wooden and the metal, is that neither are particularly comfortable to rest your head against without lots of cushions. For a cosier headboard – which is particularly beneficial in winter – you may want to opt for a leather or upholstered headboard.

Upholstered Headboards

Upholstered headboards are incredibly versatile, as you can buy one that exactly matches the décor that you have chosen for your bedroom. This can be useful if you like to change the colours of your room but hate painting. Instead of colouring your walls, change the colour of your headboard and accessories such as cushions. You could even store different headboards and accessories and simply switch every 6 months or so when you begin to get bored with the other colour. Alternatively, leather headboards are versatile in the fact that easily match in with various styles of décor. If you're feeling really daring check out the magnificent winged headboards from Hypnos. The Hypnos Katherine Euro Wide headboard is a real show piece.

Headboards are in vogue at the moment, so with the versatility, fun and elegance that they can bring to a room, it seems likely that they will continue to become more and more popular in the near future.