Healthbed will rejuvenate Prince William after helping flood victimsWhat a way to spend Valentines Day. However, it was great to see Prince William and Prince Harry helping the forces unload sand bags in the flood hit village of Datchet in Berkshire.

Their comments to the media were as one would expect as they were working ‘under the radar’. The suggestions that the media should help instead of intruding fell on deaf ears. Without the press being present, I’m sure most people would not have been aware they were there, or even recognised them.

Let’s not kid ourselves, this was heavy manual work in foul conditions and the Princes were doing a great job. Typically a sand bag will weigh anything between 15 – 25kgs. If a sand bag is filled with too much sand or soil they become rigid and less flexible, thus making a wall harder to build. Over filling will also cause gaps in the wall allowing water to penetrate it as pressure builds up.

Although fit they will have been extremely tired after several hours physical labour. How lovely therefore, for Prince William to know that he would be retiring to the comfort of his recently acquired Healthbed.

The Healthbed Natural Choice 4500 was delivered to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s new apartment in Kensington Palace in September. The purchase came about as a result of the great quality sleep the couple had enjoyed in the home they rented in Wales. Yes they were sleeping on a Healthbed mattress! The purchase was well documented in the press in October with the Daily Mail and Mail Online featuring an article.

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