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Winter has lots of plus points – there’s those crisp mornings, fireworks, woolly jumpers and, of course, Christmas! But the BEST thing about the winter months is snuggling up in a cosy bed while it’s frosty outside.

In the past you might have opted for an electric blanket to improve the cosiness of your bed, however not everyone is comfortable using an electric blanket these days. So how do you keep yourself cosy during the night? Well how about changing your mattress?

Now you might not realise just how relevant your mattress is to keeping your warm. But if you can get mattresses to keep you cool at night, it makes sense that these temperature regulating mattresses should help keep you warm at night too!

Sealy-Willow-Geltex-Mattress-400.pngGeltex Mattresses

Gel memory foam mattresses are revolutionary to the world of mattresses. Forget the latest smartphone, these gel memory foam mattresses can actually tell if you’re too warm or, crucially in winter, if you’re too cold and work to bring your body to your optimal temperature.  

So how do these new-fangled mattresses work? Well it’s all about circulation. Gel memory foam can use either gel beads or gel swirls to help maintain your body heat by allowing air to circulate in the mattress. When you’re cold the mattress will trap air to create a warming affect and thus warm you on those chilly nights. Both Sealy and Silentnight have invested heavily in this technology and it has proved to be very popular with our customers. Pictured is the Sealy Willow Geltex mattress

Latex Mattresses

Relyon-Lunar-Latex-Pocket-Mattress-400.pngLatex mattresses are also useful for temperature regulation. Just like gel, latex has been developed to promote circulation within the mattress. Latex is moulded into 3D cell structures that allow air to move around. This is layered into the mattress and, just like gel, it will trap air to create a warming air layer when you’re feeling a bit chilly. You can even get a gel and latex hybrid mattress.

A temperature regulating mattress won’t just keep you cosy at night though – it’s sure to stop some marital arguments as well. Almost as bad as snoring, a partner who hogs all the covers is seriously annoying. Indeed we suspect that rudeness during the night has been cited in many a divorce. Then, of course, temperature is very much personal preference. You might be roasting while your partner is freezing. A temperature regulating mattress will work to keep you both happy at your optimal temperature and happily married! After-all, nobody wants to sleep beside someone who tosses and turns during the night.

Even better, foam mattress technology is also designed to give your body immense support and comfort. These mattresses will give natural alignment for your spine. Perfect for sufferers of back pain and for those who find it hard to get to sleep.  Gel foam mattresses were originally developed for medical reasons as they provide such effective pain relief to those with bad backs. Picture is the Relyon Lunar Latex Pocket mattress.

Now if foam and latex are not your thing, Hypnos have created a seasons turn mattress range. One side uses cooler upholstery materials for the summer and generous layers of warmer upholstery such as wool on the reverse for the cold winter nights.

Just think, not only will you be kept at a perfect temperature all night, you’ll also get your 8 hours of perfect sleep and be ready to take on the world the next day.