Dunlopillo have now changed their supplier of latex and the new Dunlopillo latex is manufactured using an updated version of the original Dunlop process and has a higher content of natural latex.

Dunlopillo was the first foam ever manufactured. Their scientists had been trying for some time to discover a method of creating latex foam but could not achieve the right consistency as the bubbles would not stay. Fortunately a wife suggested a cake mixer which worked to allow the product to be created. Eventually a larger version of the cake mixer was used in the manufacturing

The new latex cores and sheets contain 30% more natural latex than the previous Dunlopillo latex cores. The only slight difference is the new Dunlopillo latex has slightly larger pin holes and is more natural in colour.

It is also a green initiative as the process that is used to make the new Dunlopillo latex cores uses 25% of the energy than the previous process. The new Dunlopillo latex cores are now manufactured in Europe rather than USA helping to reduce the carbon footprint and also reducing delivery lead times.

If you are used to sleeping on a Dunlopillo bed or mattress, you should not notice any difference in the feel of the product as Dunlopillo have conducted a multitude of tests to ensure that the current feel and comfort have been re-created. The range of beds and mattresses will remain exactly the same as the current range with the all the benefits of Harmonize and Tempsmart built into the products as before...........and the warranty will remain as a 5 year Guarantee.

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