Christmas is all about spending time with your family, which means you’re more than likely to have a few guests staying at your home over the festive period. Of course, this might sound wonderful in principle, but just how guest-ready is your spare bedroom? After-all, do you really want your Great Aunt Kathy telling all the family about your limp pillows and shabby décor? Of course not!

Fear not though, you don’t have to entirely redecorate a bedroom in order to make it a luxurious paradise for your guests. In fact, you might just be amazed at how much impact a few small touches can make to a bedroom:

1: Ditch that Clutter

Relyon-Juno-2-in-1-Guest-Bed-Undressed-AWO-1552That last thing your guests want to see is the ab-cruncher you bought last January in a failed attempt to tone up that belly. Instead box up any clutter like old books, files and all the other stuff that been hidden away in there. This doesn’t need to be forever; you can simply hide all this clutter until after the holiday season. The aim here is to provide enough room for your guests to lay out clothes, jewellery and gadgets etc. allowing them to feel more at home. This is also a good opportunity to hide away any valuable ornaments you have that may get accidentally broken if children are staying.

Don’t feel the need to empty out all your drawers for your guest’s clothes though. It’s much more simple to invest in a cheap clothes rail and some hangers. You should also consider leaving out towels and extra blankets for your guests to use.

2: Provide Bathroom Basics

We all know what it’s like over the Holiday season – all our brains turn to mush. So just imagine trying to remember to pack everything for your Christmas visit. To make your guest’s lives easier why not lay out a simple tray of amenities? As well as towels, think a couple of toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, tissues, facial wipes and other essentials.

This will also make your guests feel more at ease as they won’t feel uneasy about asking whether they can borrow anything.

3: Make the Room Personal

This is family visiting – so you know exactly what their hobbies and likes are. If you have a bookworm visiting, then lay out some of your favourite books on the bedside table. Not only will they not be able to resist having a look, it can also make for some good talking points. Plus, if your guest has trouble falling asleep a book will help them relax and drift off at night.

If you have a few teenage guests leaving out a note with the Wi-Fi code is an absolute must. You should also consider getting some spare house keys cut, as your guests might want to explore, and perhaps a local map depending how well they know the area.

4: Test Drive Your Guest Room

The absolute best (and easiest) way to decide if your spare room is comfortable enough for your guests is to spend a night or so in it yourself! This is a simple way to see if your room has any drafts, if the bed is comfortable and if the pillows are holding up. If anything seems off, you’ll have plenty of time to fix it and ensure the  room is a little slice of holiday paradise. Fair warning though, if your room is too nice, they may never want to leave! 

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