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breasley-memory-foam-mattress-cocona-logoCocona® Natural Technology™ is exclusive to Breasley in the UK for use in their mattresses. Cocona® technology is contained inside the mattress covers fibre so, unlike topical chemical treatments, it will not wear out or wash off. This ensures that you will enjoy the benefits of Cocona® for the life of your mattress.

breasley-memory-foam-mattress-coconaA good night’s sleep is essential for our wellbeing and Breasley are determined to help you get one. Research shows a lower body temperature increases the likelihood of deep sleep and staying cool can help us fall asleep more quickly and awaken refreshed. The human body produces approximately one ounce of moisture every hour. Cocona® fabric which covers the Breasley Memory Foam Mattresses actively dries this moisture to keep you warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

Cocona® is made from coconut shells. It is a natural product which is proven to lower body temperature by removing excess moisture from the skin. The secret is the unique pour structure in the yarn which increases the surface fabrics area by 8 times when it comes into contact with moisture. It therefore spreads the moisture out further and quickly evapourates. Cocona® has special active particles which harness the body’s natural energy which speed up the evapouration process, ensuring you remain dry and comfortable. You will then enjoy a better night’s sleep on your Breasley Memory Foam Mattresses.

For more information on Cocona® Natural Technology™ follow the link and enjoy the video or browse the Breasley Flexcell Pocket 2000 Cocona Mattress.

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