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Birlea-Furniture-LogoOur children are full of imagination and fun. Every chore has a story, every outing is an adventure and their bedroom is the hub of all their childhood fantasies. Which is exactly why we should make our children’s bedrooms something that will capture their wonderful imaginations.

But the thing with children is that their imagination changes constantly. One minute they’re an astronaut flying through space saving the world from aliens, but 5 minutes later they might be a treasure hunting pirate leading a ship to a massive haul of buried gold. How exactly do you make your child’s bedroom something that will capture all their childhood fantasies as well as creating a safe environment for them to sleep? 

Birlea-Paddington-White-&-Pink-Room-Set-400Well a good start is to choose a bedroom furniture range that will fit in with their imagination. Just because your daughter wants to be a Disney princess one day doesn’t mean you should get a fairy castle bed – you never know when she’ll change her mind and want to be a horse eventer or a champion swimmer with an under-the-sea room. It might be simple enough to change the colour on your child’s bedroom walls, but changing your child’s bedroom furniture every month or so would cost you an absolute fortune. 

Instead, invest in a bedroom range that can be adapted to your child’s imagination. A bedroom range like the Paddington furniture set from Birlea. So why is the Paddington range a perfect match to your child’s mind? Well this bedroom furniture, which can come with a matching cabin bed, is like an adaptable canvas. The gorgeous cabin bed can be a spaceship one day, ready to lift out to outer space and then switch to an epic pirate ship the next due to its sleek, neutral design.

But it’s not just your child’s imagination that you need to appease. A child’s bedroom range should also make you, the parent, happy too. This why the Paddington set from Birlea is so perfect. This sturdy range of furniture is built to last. The bed itself has a solid wood base (perfect for any children who like to jump on the beds) and all the furniture is made from MDF with a PVC colour coating. This coating is particularly good with kids too. Any dirty marks or sticky hand prints can easily be wiped off keeping the set looking brand new. 

This range also comes packed with storage for wayward clothes and toys. The furniture includes a two-door wardrobe, beside cabinet with two drawers and a four drawer chest. The matching cabin bed also has lots of under-bed storage too. There will be no excuse for a messy bedroom with all that storage.

All the furniture is available in a range of colours – white and oak, white and blue and white and pink, which means your child will be able to choose the colour that they like the most. You really can’t beat a range of matching furniture that both you and your child will love. Especially at such an affordable price!

The Paddington range from Birlea is available from October.