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Adjustable beds might bring up images of hospitals or your granny, but did you know that an adjustable bed actually has lots of benefits for people of all ages? In fact, there are so many benefits that you might just find yourself desperate to invest in one as soon as possible:

Back Pain

Anyone who’s suffered from back pain knows just how painful it can be. Sitting, moving, stretching… any movement at all really can be a real struggle. Having a poor mattress can really make your back pain worse. That’s because a bad mattress will not relieve the pressure points on your back nor will it support your spine.

An adjustable bed can really help with this problem as you can maneuver it to exactly the alignment of your spine. This will relieve pressure and allow your back to relax during the night allowing you to get a great night’s sleep and help keep back pain at bay.

Adjustables-Grand-Duke-Adjustable-Bed-Undressed-400-206Sleep Apnea and Snoring

A partner who snores is the basis for most arguments between couples. Not just because snoring is annoying, but if your partner’s snoring keeps you awake you are going to feel irritable the next day. More dangerous is the condition sleep apnea where a person actually stops breathing during the night, which not only disturbs your sleep but can be very dangerous to your health.

In order to stop snoring and help with sleep apnea it’s thought that propping yourself up can help alleviate symptoms. Of course, you can try to do this with pillows, however, pillows can slip and this isn’t always very comfortable. Instead, an adjustable bed can give a much more natural and comfortable way to elevate your neck.


If you have a job that requires you to be on your feet all day then you’re likely to find yourself with swollen legs and feet by the end of the day. This swelling can be helped by elevating your feet but on a normal bed this can be inconvenient and difficult. But not on an adjustable bed – simply press a button and your feet will be elevated.

Having an adjustable bed around is also great during pregnancy or, for the accident prone, if you have a sprain or broken leg.


If you find yourself awake at night with heartburn and/or indigestion an adjustable bed can really help. Being slightly upright can help your body to digest and process food more effectively so that you get a better sleep.

Of course, going to bed with a full stomach is never advisable but sometimes with our busy lives this can’t always be helped.

You Won’t Disturb Your Partner

No matter if you choose an adjustable bed to help ease an ailment or simply for a more comfortable sleep, one universal advantage to an adjustable bed is the fact that you won’t disturb your partner’s sleep.

Whether it’s from tossing and turning, snoring or stealing your partner’s pillows to prop your legs up, our poor partners can get a rough deal. But not when you have an adjustable bed. You can both set your side exactly how you like, ready for an amazing night’s sleep.