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Sale-Starts-in-3-Days-300.jpgThere are two kinds of people when it comes to Christmas – the super organised people who buy all their presents in October and then there’s the people who leave it until the very last minute. Now for the latter group (all you men) Christmas shopping can become rather stressful. Nobody wants to brave the shops on Christmas Eve – it’s sheer mayhem! Plus are you really going to find that meaningful, romantic present that your wife deserves? Most likely not. So what do you?

Well we have a wonderful idea for you, why not treat your wife to a brand new bed? Simply wrap up your credit card and tell her to go wild. Now before you break out into a sweat about the possible charges that might incur, you’re forgetting about our spectacular sale that starts on Boxing Day.

Now you might be scared that she might want to crack open the laptop on Christmas Day, but that’s never going to happen! Everyone is far too busy on the 25th. There’s presents to unwrap, presents to build, food to cook and a mountain of dishes to attack. Then there’s the food and booze coma that will keep everyone occupied until it’s time for a Monopoly family feud.

No, your credit card will be safe till Boxing Day – exactly when our sale begins! Just think how pleased your wife will be when she gets to choose that brand new bed that she’s been desperate to get for months. Whether it’s that fabulous new divan bed with loads of storage and a spectacular upholstered headboard or a show-stopping wooden frame that will be the envy of all the neighbours. There will be an amazing bed for your wife to fall in love with.

We also have a wide range of amazing mattresses to choose from in our Boxing Day sale. After-all, it’s no fun getting a new bed if you can’t treat yourself to a new mattress. From memory foam to coil-sprung that treat everything from bad backs to bad sleeps – all at amazing sale prices.

Indeed, all these very popular brands will be on offer:

  • Dunlopillo
  • Hypnos
  • Relyon
  • Sealy
  • Silentnight
  • Stuart Jones

Just think, your wife will be ecstatic, you’ll save yourself some pennies and you didn’t need to do any shopping! Plus you get to benefit from a wonderfully comfortable bed to sleep in too. Sounds like the perfect Christmas present to us. In fact, next year we think all your friends will be so impressed with your cunning Christmas present idea that they might just copy you.

You might even get away with buying yourself that fabulous 4K ultra HD TV you’ve had your eye on too. You see, if you have a gorgeous new bed you're going to want to spend as much time as possible in it so you need a new bedroom TV. How else will you keep up with Eastenders? Sounds like our Boxing Sale is going to make your year!