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There is very little worse than lying in your double bed, unable to get to sleep and watching the clock, knowing you need to get up for work in just a few hours. And it’s not uncommon, as much as 39% of England suffer from insomnia or sleep issues, making it an incredibly serious problem.

A Sleep Expert Claims They Can Cure Insomnia in 7 DaysYet one sleep expert has claimed that he’s able to cure insomnia in just one week. Jason Ellis, who works as a sleep professor at the Northumbria University, has created seven steps to curing insomnia using cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) over seven steps, with one step every day. These are outlined in his book, The One-Week Insomnia Cure, however you can see the steps below:

Day 1: Reschedule Your Sleep

Firstly, you need to create your own personal schedule. This is done by keeping a sleep diary and calculating your total sleep over a week and getting an average. This average sleep should be subtracted from the average time you spend in bed every night. This will give you a prescribed time in bed – which shouldn’t be below 5 hours.

Using this number, you should work out when you should get into bed in order to get up at your chosen time. If this bedtime is later than your usual bedtime, use this time to do a relaxing activity like reading. No work and no technology.

Day 2: Stimulus Control

You should never lie in bed not sleeping. If you can’t sleep you should get up and do something for 30-45 minutes. Also avoid taking naps on places like the couch. You must make it clear in your head that a bed is made for sleeping.

Day 3: Cognitive Control

Make yourself a cut-off time, where all work, exercises or chores should be stopped. This should be at least 2 hours before bedtime. At this time, you should write yourself a list of everything you have achieved this day and any worries you might have, with some solutions. This notepad should be kept beside your bed in case you think of anything during the night.

Day 4: Cognitive Distraction

Keeping awake can be the result of a racing mind, so it’s important that you are able to distract yourself. This can be done by filling your mind with other all-consuming thoughts such as counting backwords in multiples of 8, thinking of chemical elements that begin with the last letter of the previous element or naming all the American states.

Day 5: Decatastrophising Sleep

At night our worries can seem totally magnified, keeping us awake with stress. Try to write these worries down when you have them during the night and then look at them again during the day. You’ll be far more logical at this point and will be able to think of solutions or put your mind at ease.

Day 6: Sleep Titration and Progressive Muscle Relaxation

On day 6 you should take time to evaluate how well the previous steps have worked. You should also start implementing relaxation techniques such as progressive muscle relaxation where you systematically tense and relax muscles from the top to the bottom of your body.

Day 7: Maintaining Success and Relapse Prevention

This should be the time to reflect over your week’s progress and reflect on any issues that may cause sleep disturbance in the future. The book also recommends other reads that may help with your sleep issues.

As well as these steps, if you are suffering from insomnia, you should seriously consider researching different mattresses, as it may be that the mattress you have currently doesn’t provide adequate comfort for sleep.

MattressHere are just some of our mattresses that you could choose from:

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If it’s a whole bed you need, all of the above are suitable to go on bed frames or come as a traditional divan and mattress.

If you live near us, pop into our showroom at Keymer Road, Burgess Hill, West Sussex, RH15 0AD. Our team will be delighted to help you. They can’t promise they’ll cure your insomnia in 7 days, but can promise a comfortable nights sleep.

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