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Chocolate, cheese, booze, pudding, potatoes – all wonderful things that we most likely indulge in too much.

So now that summer is nearly here, and the idea that we might need to squeeze into a bikini on our upcoming summer holiday, means most of us are trying to lose a few extra pounds this spring.

Of course, when the idea of weight loss comes to mind, many of us take to the internet to research the latest fad diet or miracle pill that will melt off the pounds. Yet there is something far simpler you can purchase to help you get that summer body, and it works far better that any diet pill.

A New Mattress for Weight Loss?There are three key areas to weight loss: nutrition, exercise and – the one that is often forgotten – a good night’s sleep on a comfortable bed. So, while you may have filled your fridge with salad and low-fat alternatives and joined up with your local gym, if you don’t get yourself a quality night’s sleep you are, most likely, dooming yourself for a failure.

Not convinced? Well think about it, what happens when we’re tired? We lack focus, feel grumpy and/or miserable and just don’t have the energy we would have had, had we got a better night’s sleep. So, what does this mean for weight loss?

Well, firstly, when you lack focus or feel sad, it’s far harder to resist temptation. Meaning those office chocolates or your partner’s pleas for a calorific takeaway are all that harder to resist than when you feel alert and focussed on your goal. Plus, when our bodies are tired, they actually crave foods that are high sugar and comforting in order to give it an energy burst. This is because our brains release a hormone called ghrelin, that not only makes us feel hungry, but it also slows our metabolism down, meaning we burn fewer calories. This means that you’re not only battling against other people offering temptation, but you also have to contest against your body screaming out for ‘bad’ foods. It’s little wonder that you often lose the battle and cave in to food.

Even worse, when our bodies are feeling tired, a stress hormone called cortisol is released. Cortisol is widely associated with weight gain, and when mixed with ghrelin, the area in our brain which tells us we’re satisfied and full after a meal shuts down, meaning we continuously feel hungry.

Then there’s the fact that being tired means a trip to the gym or to a fitness class can become all the more torturous. Whereas the people around you are full of energy and getting great results, your tired 100% won’t allow you to put in the effort needed to get the same results. Making you not only feel useless, but also leading to many of us to avoiding the gym and simply giving up.

To reach your weight loss goals, the best investment you can make, is to ensure you sleep better at night. And the most effective way to ensure a better night’s sleep is to treat yourself to a mattress that will give you a perfect night’s sleep every night.

Just think, when you wake up feeling refreshed, reaching your goals will feel doable, rather than being faced with an impossible task. Just use all that money you’re saving on takeaways and chocolate and get yourself a new mattress. Your summer body will thank you!