Look at 2 in 1 Beds & Guest Beds


What else do you call them? They are 2 in 1 beds. Actually they could be called 3 in 1 beds as they give 3 options.

Somehow the word guest bed conjures up images of Jay-Be folding beds, which are a more temporary form of furniture, but nevertheless very acceptable for guests or visitors.

A 2 in 1 bed is a full time piece of furniture. It is a proper bed that can be slept on every night, unlike some folding beds which really are put you up’s for the occasional guest.

Birlea-Toronto-White-2-in-1-Guest-Bed-250-1466.jpgAnyway, at Big Brand Beds we call them 2 in 1 beds, because that is what we believe they really are. Effectively they are a single bed with another hidden underneath so they are perfect to maximise the space in a bedroom and can cater for an unexpected guest in an instant.

The majority of our 2 in 1 beds will create a large double bed as the mattresses are the same size and the height of the trundle base opens up to the same height as the bed frame.

They are incredibly versatile as the options are threefold, single, twin or double and are very easy to assemble as the under bed is on easy glide wheels.

We have a 2 in 1 bed for everyone, to suit every pocket. You can buy a traditional divan bed style, wooden bed frame style or metal bed frame style. Choose from our leading suppliers such as Birlea, Relyon, FWG and [email protected] Some even come complete with mattresses.

Currently our top selling Birlea Toronto (picutred) is priced at just £225 and comes in a white or oak finish.

Price for the Toronto is correct as at the time of publishing this blog, but subject to change.