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Adjustables Mattresses

If you have an adjustable bed that needs a new mattress, Adjustables make the perfect ones, with enough give to adapt to every position.

Having been manufacturing for over 50 years, they have a pretty good idea of what’s required. They’re so good that they are contracted to make bases for some of the leading bedding brands.

With a choice of pocket sprung, memory foam and pure latex, there’s a mattress to suit everyone and every adjustable bed. Lie back and relax on the Grand Duchess, a mattress made from 100% pure natural latex. Natural latex breathes and provides the perfect temperature-controlled sleeping environment. For the more traditional, the pocket sprung Princess mattress is good bet. If it’s a memory foam mattress you want the Grand Duke is the model for you.

There’s a great range of sizes, one of the things that stands Adjustables out from their competitors. In fact they will make special sizes on most of their models. To quote them – The answer is YES now what is the question?

If you need a mattress for your adjustable bed base you can rest assured you've made the right decision choosing an Adjustables mattress. After all, that's what they specialise in.